Monday, December 14, 2015

"I have a plan *Rocket Raccoon laughs in the background*" - December 14, 2015

"I totally loved that gingerbread house" She also sent video of her smashing it. I wish I could figure out how to transfer the video from my phone, but if you run into me I'll show it to you if you ask.

Hello and happy Monday friends and family! I cannot believe how blessed I am at this wonderful time of the year! The Christmas lights and spirit is out and glowing, the weather is decent in New England this year, my companion is the awesomest, the ward I'm serving in is the coolest, and did I mention the weather is decent? Yeah, I am definitely spoiled with this lack of snow. But really, this week has been really great. It has also been really uneventful considering I wasn't hit by any motor vehicles but I'm ok with that. Speaking of which, I have definitely healed quickly from that experience and I know it is only because of the prayers of those around the world for me so that was a wonderful blessing. Thank you all so much for your prayers, they definitely help and have made a difference in my life and the people here in the Brewer area.
So as far as this week goes there were plans made and like a lot of missionaries know, they never follow through. There were multiple times this week where I had to stop and think "Wow, can't we just have a normal week?" Nope. Heavenly Father is really good at just making life, especially missionary life, an adventure. So we had multiple appointments fall through for various reasons and random appointments pop up for better reasons so ultimately it was a good week. Our investigator who is getting baptized has committed to December 26th which we are praying will follow through and that her health won't prevent her from be baptized. 
The only other exciting thing we did this week was go on exchange with the Bangor Sister Training leaders. I went to Bangor with Sister Eddington where we did a lot of service like at a library and a thrift store. The thrift store was a super nice opportunity for me to get my gift for Sister Daughety (which she is super jealous I thought of so haha). But really, exchange was really fun. It made me sad though because I was out of Brewer for a day and I realized how much I loved the area by how much I missed it. Sister Daughety and Duncon did some awesome work while I was gone but still. I missed it. Hopefully they won't take me away from Sister Daughety and Brewer after Christmas.
Well, I am without any more ideas about what to write home about. I am truly grateful for the prayers in my behalf and for this wonderful Christmas season. I hope you all have a blessed Christmas season and have had a chance to explore! Next week will be the email before Christmas! Where has the time gone!?
Sister Wright
"Sister Eddington wanted to take a selfie after exchanges. Yay!"

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