Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Vermobsters - January 9, 2017

At Mission Leadership Conference
Hello and Happy Monday friends and family! We meet again on a cold Vermont day. Sister Clegg and I had a chance to clean out the car this morning and we knew it was cold but we didn't know how cold so we started the car and Chad (our Ford Escape named after Chad Danforth from the High School Musical franchise as portrayed by Corbin Bleu) told us it was 7 going on 5 degrees outside. We weren't really shocked by cold it was but rather how ok we were with the cold. We were betting it was somewhere in the teens at least. Regardless, it will still be 50+ degrees warmer for me in 9 days. The milk we bought today expires before I do! This has been weird moments with Sister Wright. This last week has flown by but at the same time lasted forever so I am going to try to summarize the events as best I can.
Monday wasn't too exciting. We were supposed to see that family we found a few weeks ago but the mom hasn't been feeling well. We actually saw her Saturday at the hospital and are taking her flowers with the Relief Society President this evening. They still want to learn, typical Satan is just being a jerk and keeping us from seeing them so boo. We did have a lesson with our other investigator who has a baptismal date. We saw her twice this week and with the time we were supposed to teach the family we found a few weeks ago we found another family with four kids that we are still trying to pin down and teach this Wednesday so pray for that!
Tuesday after service at the food pantry we went to Burlington to spend the day with those sisters in their area. I was with Sister Lewis and she is so great! She is such a wonderful trainer for Sister Stegall and is probably the best teacher I know. We had a lesson with a less active part member family, and we found out from the elder's later the husband set a baptismal date! We had some good times and good finds in Burlington. We had lots of little finding miracles like we couldn't find this potential investigator and next thing I know Sister Lewis is walking to the neighbor's house which has two, literally two, front doors. We knock on one and the mom answers and says they are about to have dinner but we were still able to get her a copy of the Book of Mormon and commit her to read it! We also got into the home of a lady the sister's kept running into everywhere and invite her to church on Sunday.
The coolest thing in Burlington happened on Wednesday at District Meeting in Essex when I ran into the kid I was co-representative of my seminary class with senior year at Perry. Turns out his family moved to Vermont and he was on a mini-mission with the Burlington elders. So that was a crazy district meeting. Wednesday we also went down to THE LAND OF MY INHERITANCE AKA MANCHESTER jk we spent the night in Canterbury MY FIRST EXCHANGE AND STL HOME but we went down in the "Mystery Machine" with the Essex and Montpelier elders aka the Squad. We don't have squad goals because we are THE Squad. Squadpelier. Or the Vermobsters. I won't tell you too many details about what happened the rest of Wednesday and Thursday because what happens at MLC stays at MLC but I will tell you there was a break in to an apartment, Sister Wright buying everyone Taco Bell at the Holy KFC in Lebanon, NH, and a new album of inside jokes to enjoy. At least, that's a summary of the car ride. At MLC we learned how to juggle. Literally, juggle. Like with balls at clown school. We also had someone from the MTC tell us some things that are going to be announced at the worldwide missionary broadcast January 25th *loud whisper* It's a guy from the District 3. Ok, I'll tell you, it was Brother Jolley who is from Burlington/Barre Vermont so he came to train us on somethings that are going to change soon for missionary. But again, what happens at MLC stays at MLC. And President taught us to metaphorically smoke a pipe. And then Sister Blair told us to not smoke anything from any pipe ever. To summarize, I loved MLC. Everyone warned me to not get too stressed out because it was my first one and they say that tends to be really rough but I loved it! Maybe it was because there was no pressure because I leave like really soon. It actually makes me sad that I am missing out on all these new things. But AH I really can't explain how fun that was.
I guess flash forward to Friday which was mostly weekly planning and teaching the people aforementioned and dinner with Brother Sypher. Saturday was mostly Skype meetings in response to the changes made at MLC. And seeing people in Barre. Did I mentioned Barre is pronounced "Barry"? A member took us to dinner at a place called Ladder One, a firehouse grill that was pretty good. And Sunday was church, more meetings, and a tiny smidgen of finding. We are working on finding people in Montpelier because right now everyone is Northfield which isn't the best for our miles but we make do. Pray we will find people nearby!
But that was my week and I enjoyed it a lot. Good stuff is going on in Montpelier and I am so lucky to be a part of it. I love and miss you all and can't wait (for a lot of you) to see you soon! Have a good week!

Sister Wright
"Sister Lewis and me after exchanges"

"The kid from my seminary in AZ"

"Too swag"

"Actual swag courtesy Sister Adams from the office. Except Elder Barrett, he's blinking"

"Trying to be swag"

"Official album cover"

"Vermobsters. We may have been breaking a law at this point..."

"Because we haven't done selfie a day for like weeks"

"With Brother Syper"

"Casually 0 degrees going to church"

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