Thursday, February 23, 2017

Home, the Final Frontier

That is right friends and family, I have been home for over a month, almost a transfer now and it's been weird. Great, exciting, fun, terrifying, but mostly weird. I think I've accomplished all the things that are expected of someone when they return from their mission like get a job, register for classes, and see 90% of the movies that came out while you were gone. Star Wars: Rogue One was fantastic, by the way. I am doing regular member things now too like attending the temple weekly, having a calling, and working at the Gilbert temple. I am doing my best to keep the habits I learned on the mission like regular scripture study and daily prayer. So overall things are going well.
To any returning missionary the most common problem people have warned me about I can testify is a killer is being less busy then you are used to. I'll confess I was pretty excited to not have my day packed with things to do from 6:30 am to 10:30 pm but when you get back to the real world that throws you off pretty bad. Sure for the first week I was pretty busy catching up with family and movies and working on my homecoming talk but all of it caught up to me when all the extended family went home and I saw my days with nothing to do. Luckily I had pretty good friends who were there for me when I need someone besides family to spend time with, either physically or through digital communication. That was another thing too, was not having someone my age to talk to 24/7. It's been weird to adjust to that. But if there is anything I knew to take away from my mission, my trainer taught me "Embrace the Awkward".
I'd say another really important thing I have learned from my mission and used in my 6 weeks home is the power of personal revelation. Just like how everyone's mission is unique and different, so is everyone's return home. Since I have returned home I have had to make some pretty important decisions involving things like school and I truly don't know how I could make those decisions without God's influence. When things to tough I try to remember that God loves me as His daughter and so He wants to be involved in my life. He also sees the bigger picture and knows what path is best for me. I feel pretty blessed with that knowledge and I hope to continue to take my mission and apply it to my life. This has been a crazy transfer, but a good one and I know it can only get better.
I attached some photos of my time at the Boston Temple and my return home. I love you all and home you have had a good month!
Sister Wright
The Boston Temple!

Good to be home!

More Family!

At my mission homecoming with my first mission president and wife,
President and Sister Stoker.

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