Monday, September 14, 2015

Too Much Fall - September 14, 2015

Sister Wright didn't send any pictures this week, but a ward member in Manchester posted this on the mission facebook page a few days ago. I love seeing her so happy!

         Hello everyone! I hope you all had a good week. I know my weeks are always blessed by the prayers from everyone back home and around the world so, as always, thanks for the support!
         Well this week has been a week of learning. Definitely a better week than last with a lot more teaching appointments which is always awesome. We also had another experience where we went to contact a potential investigator and they said they had prayed earlier that day for help and there we were (I wrote about that happening last week, right?)
         Anyway, this week was just overall really cool. Not necessarily in the temperature, it got up to the 90's Tuesday and Wednesday! I am still shocked it has gotten so hot, I thought I was escaping that kind of weather! Of course Wednesday night, after we walked everywhere we needed to, the clouds started rolling in and they haven't left since so the weather has been cooling down. Sister Banda's had to explain to this Arizona girl that this change in temperature and the reason the leaves are starting to change color is called "Fall" and it will only get cooler from here on out. That's frustrating. Why can't the lows be in the 50's in the morning and work up to the 70's or 80's by the end of the day? Seasons are weird.
         We also had exchanges this week and I stayed in Manchester with one of the Sister Training Leaders. We were frustrated when we heard when exchanges were going to be because that was when Sister Banda and I officially "crossed over" is days she has left versus days I have in [which sometimes we ignore because Sister Banda doesn't want to think about how short of a time she has left. She's old]. Sister Davis was super cool though and I loved spending time with her (I still love Sister Banda, don't get me wrong!) and we were even able to pass out a Book of Mormon [because I was taking Sister Davis to see the TARDIS we have on a street in our area]. But yeah exchanges went well. If anything it taught me I can handle change like a new companion [which is a thought that still scares me].
         Other than that this week has been fairly good at teaching me that change is coming. Compared to last week you could say we had more "success" because we had a lot more teaching appointments and opportunities for service. But I have learned "Sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can fall together". I have also learned that Heavenly Father is constantly guiding me, even when I don't notice. This week we just went with hearts full of faith because last week was so frustrating. As we went forward with hope for even just little miracles we were able to be blessed with many teaching and service opportunities that I know could only be given by our loving Heavenly Father. May we all continue to walk by faith!

Sister Wright 

Note from mom: I just wanted to add something that she messaged me today. A motto she chose for her mission is "Have courage and be kind." She wrote to me, "I realized I spend a lot of time focusing on the 'kind' part but not the 'courage' part so I added a section with Joshua 1:9." Love it!

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