Monday, September 21, 2015

Too Much Fun? - September 21, 2015

Priscilla on the far left with the other Sister Missionaries at Zone Conference

Hello family and friends and happy Missionary Monday! Wow, we are already mostly through September! When did this happen?! I remember twenty days ago when it hit September and Sister Banda told me it would start looking and feeling like fall and I have heard multiple reports from members and people from home that say the leaves should start changing colors soon. Well, from my own experience here in Manch about 1 out of every 25-30 trees are STARTING to change color and the weather has FINALLY started staying below the 80's which is what I can guess it what fall is supposed to be. But there will definitely be pictures when the leaves are no longer green because apparently that's super cool looking. I'm just excited for the pumpkin flavored everything to be honest.
Well this week definitely had it's ups and downs so I'm going to be staying focused on the ups because we always need to recognize the blessings in our lives, right? One of the best blessings we received this week was the opportunity to strengthen members in their missionary efforts with member meals! We had one almost every night this week which was awesome because if you know me you know I love food. Sister Banda and I spent a lot of time this week encouraging members to prepare for General Conference which is coming up here fairly quickly and we have heard some pretty powerful testimonies from members about the blessings of General Conference. A scripture I love that promises some pretty powerful blessings of listening to a prophet’s voice is Jacob 4:6, "Wherefore, we search the prophets, and we have many revelations and the spirit of prophecy; and having all these witnesses we obtain a hope, and our faith becometh unshaken, insomuch that we truly can command in the name of Jesus and the very trees obey us, or the mountains, or the waves of the sea." I know I have testified of this before but I know General Conference is an inspired meeting and gives families and individuals wonderful direction and I challenge all of you to watch it starting this Saturday with the General Women's session!
Another fun blessing we had this week was we had district P-Day on Monday which was really fun. We had a Nerf war with Nerf guns provided by the Elders (how they ended up with so many is beyond me) and we would split up in teams either Sisters versus Elders or Bedford versus Manchester. It was super awesome when the Sisters team won the first round. We didn't do so well the following dozens of rounds but hey, we won once. The best part was when the Assistants to the President showed up [late] and they joined in because I was able to get one of them out in the first minute. Haha.
An experience I'm hearing a lot of people have seen that I had was my first Zone Conference which was this Wednesday. That was a wonderful, spiritually strengthening experience. I had spent a lot of the beginning on the week wondering what I needed to do to be a better missionary and the guidance and direction given at Zone Conference definitely answered those questions for me. It was also neat to meet so many other missionaries and catch up those who I knew at the MTC or had transferred out last transfer and seeing how much we have all grown in just a short amount of time is great.
The interesting down side to Zone Meeting was the installation of the Tiwis into the mission vehicles, also known as "The Black Box" or "Big Brother". We named our Tiwi Tim. Tim the Terrible. Tim sounds like Jason from War Games. I understand why the church wants every missionary car to have Tim but Tim is slightly frustrating to have. Tim means a lot more responsibility. Tim also has a GPS so the mission president can track where we're driving, hence "Big Brother". Tim sometimes yells at you when you are going over the speed limit, which so far has only happened ONCE when we were leaving the Exeter Stake Center parking lot and probably only going 2 miles over the speed limit of like 5 mph. We did give the Elders the car last night and apparently Tim yelled at them for "aggressive driving" because they stopped at a yellow light too hard. But yeah. Expect some interesting stories about Tim in the future.
Besides that, Sister Banda and I are keeping things cool in Manchester. I love the members and people that I work with out here. I appreciate all the prayers and letters from those back home. I love being a missionary. May we all press on in the work of the Lord and be prayed to listen to a prophet's voice!
Sister Wright

More pictures from Zone Conference 

And the one tree that's STARTING to turn colors

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