Monday, October 5, 2015

Little Blessings - September 28, 2015

Hello family and friends! I hope everyone has had a good week and had a chance to catch the General Women's Session of General Conference! I know I was given some pretty great revelation from the meeting and learned a lot about how as women we can be great examples in the world.
Well this week was another roller coaster of experiences. Monday I showed Sister Banda the nirvana experience that is Chipotle. I am glad she liked it after I have been building it up for her for the past 11 weeks, plus her many other companions who have praised it too. We also helped a sister in the ward prepare names for the ward temple trip on Friday and found her Great-Grandmother was already connected to a well entered family tree! It was so cool to find so many names so suddenly but we quickly realized as we tried to help her reserve names for temple work that a lot of the work had already been done- in 1960! It was so crazy to help her find her ancestors and, in a way, cousins who are members that she had no idea had converted! Family History is so cool!
Sister Banda and I were also able to go to the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial which is something Sister Banda had been wanting to do since she first started her mission. It was an extremely spiritual experience for the both of us. It was also spiritual for the sister we have been working with. We brought Sister A with us because we know she loves Sister Banda and it would show her that God loves her and can help her overcome her weaknesses and the things that keep her from coming to church. What was even better was she came to church this Sunday! What a blessing for her and us!
It is nice to see the miracles during the rough weeks. This week was especially rough with a lot of moments where I would break down because I love the people here in Manchester but I couldn't see anyone coming to Christ by our efforts. Despite the words of encouragement I would get from Sister Banda, fellow missionaries, and ward members, negative feelings and doubts were building up within me. I could only forget about them when I would watch Mormon Messages during lunch and dinner, during the General Women's session of conference, and even during church. But Sunday evening I felt absolutely hopeless and the only way I can explain my feeling is it felt like my Spirit was "tingly", like when your foot falls asleep. I had to take some time by myself and fervently pray for peace and comfort and after that prayer I asked the Elders for a priesthood blessing. Both the prayer and blessing helped a lot. I could "breath" again and remember that my Heavenly Father loves me. He knows this work isn't easy, but that i show he helps us grow, by pushing us. And as I said before, He always gives us little miracles. They definitely add up when you are having a rough week. I know one HUGE miracle we all will receive this week is General Conference! I can't wait to hear the words of the living prophets and grow in my faith in gospel truths! May we all have a good week in preparing for conference!

Sister Wright

"Reminds us that we have prophets to bring us closer to Christ"

"Cool shot of modern prophets"

Sister Wright and Sister Banda

"Trying to be an artist"

Sister Banda, Sister A, Sister Hebert, and Sister Wright

"When you get the light just right it lights up like a candle. JJ Abrams would enjoy the effect." Mom-She hasn't changed!

"My companion was happy!"

"We should win a cutest companionship award"

"Chapel by the birthplace"

"That's a cool street"

Sister Wright, Sister A and Sister Banda

Sister Wright and Sister Banda "We are the cutest companionship"

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