Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Couple Three Weeks in Brewer - October 27, 2015

L-R: Sister Harward, Sister Wright and Sister Castillo

Happy special Tuesday P-Day edition of the weekly email family and friends! Normally this wonderful update comes to you every Monday but this week is super special because we had Zone Interviews yesterday so today is that special day you get to hear from your favorite Sister Wright, Hastening the work in Brewer! Speaking on the email title, sorry for the repeated theme of "a couple three". It's just such a fascinating phrase. I would say it is an even more fascinating New England-er phrase than "all set" instead of "all good", but I digress.
This week was full of crazy events you can just never plan for as a missionary. We always like to joke when situations happen "This didn't happen in The District!" or "They don't prepare you for this at the MTC!" because really somethings you can't prepare for. Just like in real life. Like we couldn't prepare for the people we met when we got our flu shots at Walgreens the other day. They were all really sweet. We couldn't have planned the two people we met street contacting who said "Man, I wish you had an extra one of those books" being, the Book of Mormon (and yes we gave it to them and explained what it is and to call us with any questions). We couldn't have planned for the unbelievably flat tire the van got Friday on Sister Castillo's birthday. That was a fun experience because we got to visit our ward mission leader's auto body shop, and Sister Castillo loves our ward mission leader.
Another thing I've learned just so far on the mission is how we as missionaries are sent to answer prayers. I can't count how many times, either in Brewer or Manch, that we have gone and knocked on a door and the person says "man, I was just praying for God to help me and here you" or "So and so (usually a member of the church) said they'd pray for me and you showed up". Sometimes I get distracted and think "I need to pray for x, y, and z and we'll do those things". No. We are here to answer other people's prayers and act as, like many women we have met have called us, angels. I think it's a lot easier as sister to be referred to as angels but really if you are acting with the Lord's will, you are sending an angelic message.
Not only are people praying for us on earth, but I know there are people praying for us on the other side of the veil. Yesterday at Zone Interviews I had the opportunity to again hear the senior couple Elder and Sister Adams training on the Family History and Temple project for recent converts. Elder Adams bore powerful testimony that not only is the work to salvation hastening here on this side, but there is a great missionary effort going on for those who did not accept the gospel in this life. I have always enjoyed doing family history and temple work and I hate when people forget that when they are doing temple work they are really helping someone accept the gospel and come closer to Christ, just like a missionary! We have some recent converts here in Brewer I cannot wait to help find names of family members who they can do proxy baptisms for so that they can have an eternal family! I know that as we do missionary work (which I say includes temple work) we will not only bless ourselves but our family as well. May we all have an awesome week without flat tires!

-Sister Wright
"Fall is cool"

Group Hug!

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