Monday, November 2, 2015

May the Four Months be with You - November 2, 2015

At the Bangor/Brewer Trunk or Treat

Happy November Friends and Family!
I hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween! I didn't realize how bummed I was not being able to go all out for Halloween this year, especially after being at BYU for it last year (if you ever have the opportunity to experience Halloween on BYU campus, do it!). But I still had some fun/awesome/miraculous experiences here in Brewer this week so I wasn't too sad to have missed out on free candy day.
Like I said, this week was nothing short of miraculous. I don't really talk a lot about the investigators we work with because I don't feel comfortable sharing their spiritual experiences for the internet to see, but this week really just blew my mind. We had two investigators that we picked up within the week that by the end of the week decided they wanted to be baptized. That was never an experience I expected to have happen within my missionary career. One of them was investigating two years ago but stopped because she said she had some discrepancies between the Bible and Book of Mormon. She originally became interested in the church by the example of her friend who is an active member and in her words "you can see Christ in her". Between our visits with her this week she had studied more of the Book of Mormon and for her lesson we felt prompted to share "Lord, I Believe" from Elder Holland's April 2013 General Conference address. (You can read, listen to, or watch that address here) She started crying in the middle of reading the talk because she realized that faith is really what matters in the sight of the Lord, not exactly what we mentally know. She mentioned that is what kept her from joining the church two year ago, she couldn't say she KNEW this church was true. 
Coincidentally (but not really because we know when we let God direct our paths there are no real coincidences), this transfer I have decided to study faith, (not just because that is something the zone leaders have challenged us to do) because I noticed myself going and doing the work without faith. To see this woman realize that faith, what we believe and then act on, is really what qualifies us in the sight of God was a blessing and example in my life. I can't wait to help her to prepare to enter the waters of baptism and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost!
Now I'm going to ruin your warm fuzzy feelings and talk about my favorite HALLOWEEN (just kidding Thanksgiving is my favorite but Halloween is a pretty close second, I mean, besides the birth of our Lord and Savior)!!! The night before Halloween we had a combined Bangor/Brewer Trunk or Treat that was really fun. It was kinda like Halloween on BYU campus in the fact that everyone was dressed up (except my companions). I know the picture has gone around but I was a Fairy Princess because my awesome mom sent it to me! I actually got multiple compliments which was pretty fun!
Halloween night we had to be in by 5 pm because going door to door is awkward when all the kids are doing the same thing asking for candy. We had so much fun deep cleaning the apartment which didn't take very long considering Sisters have recently moved in. But we did have a fun experience changing the blinds for the apartment. We unnecessarily borrowed some members' power tools because we didn't realize how painless changing the blinds was supposed to be. Sister Harward and I joked about how many blondes it would take to change the blinds (because I still consider myself blonde sometimes) haha.
Overall, this was a really good week. I really appreciated all the notes and packages from friends and family this week! And as always I appreciate the support I receive through your prayers and emails! May we all have a wonderful week going by faith!

Sister Wright
"Costume I wore all day of Halloween" If you look closely, the missionary in the picture just happens to be wearing the same clothes!

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