Monday, November 23, 2015

Two in the Brewer Crew - November 23, 2015

Sister Wright with her new companion, Sister Daughety

Hello Family and Friends and Happy Thanksgiving Week! I hope you all are enjoying cooler weather and happy holidays coming up. This week has definitely been one for the records and I can't wait for you all to hear about the adventures I have had my first week area training and preparing for my favorite holiday of them all: Thanksgiving!
Well, last week you all heard from me on Monday and my excitement to return to Manchester and not only receive my new companion but also say farewell (for now) to the best trainer to have ever walked the earth, Sister Banda (if she is reading this, yes I am pointing at you and and embarrassing you on the internet because I love you aww). But really, visiting Manchester was really great and it hurt my heart to leave the chapel and my friend again but I know Heavenly Father has some pretty awesome miracles for me to witness in good ole Brrrrrrrrrrrrewer. 
One of those miracles is my new senior companion Sister Daughety. Sister Daughety is from North Carolina and I really enjoy when she occasionally slips into her southern accent because only the coolest people are from North Carolina, just look at my mom. But really I love Sister Daughety and we have already had a really fun time getting to know each other and sharing the gospel with the people we work with up here. The ward loves her too which is great since Thanksgiving is coming up and that means they'll feed us.
I am not going to lie but I was really nervous when I realized I would be introducing a missionary to a new area, I feel like I was still being introduced myself and just going off what Sisters Harward and Castillo knew. But things have definitely been working out. One miracle in particular was we were looking for an old media referral before a dinner appointment we were having one night and we passed a man on the corner. He seemed really sad and we said hello but we were kind of preoccupied finding the address of this old referral. But after we got a house or two away we realized we really needed to speak with the man so we speed-walked back to the corner and we caught him. We explained to him our purpose as missionaries and gave him a Book of Mormon and Restoration pamphlet. He explained to us some of the trials he was going through and ended up crying and said that even just us talking to him made a difference in his evening. Things never really progressed from there because of the trials he was going through but that experience was a huge testimony to me that even though it was a small gesture to give him a Book and talk to him, it really made a difference in his day.
I know that as missionaries it is really easy to be caught up in the "numbers" but if my three transfers of experience has taught me anything (I can feel the judgement of older and returned missionaries judging me for that comment but OH WELL) it's that numbers help track progress but don't necessarily measure your personal success. Doctrine and Covenants 4:3 does not say "If ye have desires to baptize 24/7", it says "if ye have desires to serve God" and I know as you have that desire you can better help people come closer to Christ by helping them.
Well, I think I wore out my spiritual thought for the week. I hope everyone has a wonderful upcoming week! As you eat your turkey and potatoes remember your favorite sister missionary who survived her first morning with snow (granted it was only like an inch and it is mostly melted by now) and will be enjoying an authentic homegrown turduckin Thursday (I am so excited! I may not have had seafood yet but turduckin is definitely a lot more foreign so I'll let you know how that goes). Remember what you are thankful for and get excited for the Christmas season!
Sister Wright!

Saying goodbye to her trainer, Sister Banda

"I'm moving up in the world to a bigger desk!"

Her feelings toward missing the new StarWars movie, "Gotta make plans early"

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