Monday, November 30, 2015

Three Birds, Two Sisters, One Mission - November 30, 2015

"Hello from the Brewer Library"
Hello hello family and friends that I am so thankful for! This past Thursday marked the annual celebration of my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving! I hope you all had a wonderful time "stuffing" (Sister Daughety got me into saying puns grrr) your face with delicious food like turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, stuffing, chicken, pie, gravy, and duck. Yep, and duck. As I promised last week I would be celebrating Thanksgiving lunch with a Turducken.  It wasn't exactly what Sister Daughety and I anticipated with a giant homegrown turkey stuffed with a homegrown duck and a homegrown chicken (they raised and butchered those birds) but instead it was already pre-carved and put on a platter which was pretty smart considering the number of people that were there. Regardless, it was my first time tasting duck and I anticipated it to taste weird or different from chicken but it really wasn't that much different. Sister Daughety explained since they were all roasted together the flavors probably mixed and that is why the meat all tasted the same. Regardless, it all tasted really good! Sister Daughety also got to taste Moxie (see previous photos/entry for my experience with the Maine soda of champions) which she really didn't enjoy. She held the can and said "Why is there a giant sleeze-ball on this can". That was probably the most positive comment she gave it haha. But Thanksgiving was good. I was really worried that my first experience of my favorite holiday without my family would be really tough but I definitely felt the love and support of the ward family up here and feel of my Heavenly Father's love as I spent the day giving thanks for all He has given us.
As far as the work goes, it kinda slowed down this week. The elders and us didn't manage using the miles on the van, "the silver bullet", very well and we ended up walking most of the week. It was cold but we were always moving and luckily the members are really helpful with rides so we were always able to get where we needed to be which was nice. And now we know to be more frugal with our miles haha.
Anyway, the biggest miracle we saw this week was with a less active part-member couple we are working with. She is not a member but loves having us sisters over which is great but with Sister Daughety we knew it would be a great opportunity to re-establish our purpose in visiting them. We shared a lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them and made sure to testify of the power of the priesthood and how that makes this church different in the ordinances. It was a really powerful lesson because the he (the member husband), who normally does not interact much in the lessons, bore a strong testimony of the power of the priesthood and we helped her identify that the peace and happiness and light she feels when we come over is the Holy Ghost. It was wonderful to have the really spiritual experience after a hard week of not seeing many people and see someone realize and accept the Holy Ghost more in their lives.
I feel I should also update you on our investigator who was anticipating being baptized at the beginning of December. In multiple of her lessons and during her interactions with members she has been warned that Satan will do everything to keep her from joining this church and I know that is true. Last week she got hit with a pretty serious health concern that would keep her from physically entering the waters and baptism. She is really frustrated by it but she thought it best to post-pone her baptismal date. We are disappointed too but we were able to visit her and help her get a priesthood blessing which I know will help her get better by her faith.
I know I have things that keep me from being totally converted to the church. Something I am studying this transfer is the Christ-like attribute of charity. Being the time of the year it is I figured it would be a good time to focus on giving. I know the Christmas season is a wonderful time to focus on giving to others, but may I suggest we think about what we are giving our Heavenly Father and His Son at this time that we celebrate His birth? I don't know if you have watched it yet but the Church has released a new Christmas video called a Savior is Born (see previous entry for that time I got a sneak peek) and I just LOVE that video because it brings a spirit of Christmas that I have never experienced before. Visit to see why we need a Savior and what He did for us so we can remember and give back this season! I hope I make sense. I'm just really excited for Christmas (just ask Sister Daughety, I yell it every 30 minutes)!!! Have a nice week as we enter December wooooo Christmas!

Sister Wright
Sister Wright watching Sister Daughety try "Moxie" for the first time

I sent a Thanksgiving Tablecloth that could be drawn on and had little puzzles on it for the missionary apartment. Here are the pictures Priscilla sent back
"Sister Turkey (the missionary turkey)"

Sister Daughety's side

"Sister Harward's turkey and my funky turkey"

"We were having dinner with a member family and I mentioned that I hadn't had Whoopie Pies yet and that was part of the Maine-iac initiation so the mom said next time we came over we would have some. We have a Whoopie Pie cafe down the street from the apartment and after the mom dropped us off she stopped by, called and asked if we were still near the apartment, and dropped this off! Members are the best!"

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