Monday, November 16, 2015

Brrrrrrrrewer - November 16, 2015

"Jumping in leaves is fun!" Sister Frost (the Bishop's wife), Sister Castillo, Sister Harward, and Sister Wright

Happy Monday family and friends! I hope everyone is excited for Thanksgiving because I totally am (and yes I know it is next week but Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and might be the hardest one to miss but I digress). I really wanted to save this email (blog) title for later when it started snowing but it has started getting really cold this week and I have just come to love Brewer so much I figured I would use it this week. Hooray for originality!
Well, as far as this week it was again AWESOME. I actually honestly don't remember much of what happened during the week but I know we had a lot of awesome teaching appointments with our investigators who are progressing toward baptism which is great. 
This weekend as a lot of you might have seen (or hopefully participated in) was Social Media Splits weekend! We spent a lot of time with members this weekend providing service (aka wearing jeans), mostly raking leaves. Fun fact: I have never raked leaves before, not because I'm lazy but because I have never lived in a place where there were leaves that needed to be raked... So we did that! Leaf raking is just about as fun as I expected. It was definitely more fun jumping into the pile of leaves afterwards (again, something I had never done because Arizona is a desert). Back to focusing on Social Media Splits: They were such a blessing. Between spontaneously helping members with service and teaching them quick lessons we heard a lot of people who weren't members of the church would like our posts. Hopefully getting the word out there will encourage more people to be interested in learning more about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
I have heard from a variety of people of the tragedy that occurred in Paris this last Friday. I used to really want to serve in France to follow in the footsteps of my father but over the course of my time up here in New England I have gained a testimony that Heavenly Father puts us where He needs us to fulfill His purposes and benefit us personally the most (if that makes sense). I know I'm not in France because I don't think I would be able to handle such a tragic event happening so close to me. Not to say I'm not strong in my own way but I know the missionaries out there must be very strong to face such a dark time for the people of Paris and I am truly praying for them and the French as they face this challenge.
Another event that has really taken up some of my time of thought is the passing of my great uncle this weekend. It is really sad to see family members pass and difficult to face the rest of life without them but I can promise there is peace in knowing the Plan of Salvation. I know my uncle is off doing the same work I am doing right know, teaching others about the gospel of Jesus Christ and what comfort it can give them as they wait for the resurrection.
Speaking of missionary work (sorry for the abrupt change in tone but the Lord's work is meant to bring people joy so I'm gonna focus on the happier things, well, at least happy to me), Saturday night was transfer calls night and we were informed on who will be where for this current transfer! I am happy to say I will be staying in Brewer for Thanksgiving and Christmas and will be receiving a new Senior Companion who I will pick up in Manchester tomorrow. Being in a trio was quite an experience and I wish my two companions the best on their new journey, especially Sister Harward as she goes STL (Sister Training Leader). I'm not gonna lie, I was actually more nervous for the Travel Plans for Tuesday than Transfer calls because I was worried I wouldn't be able to see Sister Banda's Golden Truth at Transfer Meeting and just visit my beloved Manchester. But Heavenly Father answers prayers and I will be able to see my trainer before she goes back to the real world!
I guess I will end on that note, that Heavenly Father does answer prayers and He loves each of His children, enough to create a plan that we can all return to Him some day. Have a safe and blessed week and get excited for Thanksgiving!
Sister Wright
"Fall isn't as pretty when the leaves fall off the trees" (Personally I think this picture is kind of beautiful-Mom)

Pictures Mom stole off of the mission facebook page showing Priscilla and her companions trying "Moxie." Moxie is a soda sold in Maine, supposedly bitter and the locals say it's an acquired taste!

Pictures stolen from facebook of the Social Media Split Weekend

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