Monday, November 9, 2015

Week of Total Awesome-ness - November 9, 2015

"All the sister missionaries in the Bangor East Zone after Stake Conference. We are all to cute!"

Good Monday Everyone! I feel like back in the real world that's not a phrase you hear very often but when you're on a mission or if you have a favorite missionary you love hearing from (like a certain sister in New England), Mondays are awesome. Well, this past week was nothing short of awesome. Not to say we had a perfect week by numbers or rewards received, but I just look back at this last week and say "Wow, that was good". 
It mostly started off with Monday which was district P-Day. We met at the church and waited for some of the farther missionaries to get there so we played some basketball. I was a little rusty since my killer one season in fifth grade but I almost beat one of the Zone Leaders in a game so. Not too bad. When everyone was at the church we went to a ten-pin (not candle-pin which is a New England thing I want to try) bowling alley and bowled (for the second time as a district P-Day activity). We played with the Sister Training Leaders and, again, I won't brag, but your favorite Arizona-girl may have won with a score of 104. I'm not a bowling queen but I broke 100 and to me that's an accomplishment.
Monday night we had exchanges with the same Sister Training Leaders. We received Sister Innes and Sister Castillo went to Bangor with her old trainer, Sister Eddington. It was a fun experience. Sister Innes is from Arizona too so it was fun to talk to her about home, particularly the Gilbert temple. She left right after the dedication so I bragged all about how awesome it is to have such a wonderful place so close to home. I know someday the people of Maine will have that same privilege. On exchange we also had appointments fall through and a lot of people not home we were planning to stop by but it was ok because we all had a positive attitude and didn't even realize how "bad" it was. 
Wednesday and Thursday were just two more days of just solid work and preparing for the big event Friday: Zone Conference with Elder Nielson of the 70 and head of the Missionary Department. I will admit, at first I was really not excited for Zone Conference because none of my fellow missionary friends would be going to my session on Friday so I was worried I wouldn't know anyone and we had to leave the apartment super early to get to Portland at 8 am. Zone Conference turned out to be really inspiring though! It turned out I knew more people than I anticipated at the meeting (including Sister Hamilton who was trained in Bedford when I was in Manch and Sister Dickson from the MTC) and I learned a lot personally from Elder and Sister Nielson. The coolest part was when he showed us the video for this year's Christmas initiative. He said we are the first or second group of missionaries to see the video and may I just say it is powerful. I can't wait to share it with all of Maine soon! 
We also had Stake Conference Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. As an intellectual person I really like gaining knowledge and so this weekend was really great for me because I learned a lot from general church leaders like Elder Nielson and local church leaders like the Stake Presidency. A lot of the Stake Conference focus was on families, the purpose of church, and sharing the gospel. The overall thing I learned from the Spirit though was that I am I supposed to be here. Before this week I could say I knew I needed to be on a mission but I couldn't say I knew I needed to be here in Brewer. After this weekend the Spirit confirmed to me that I was I needed to be, even if it was to learn what I did from the leaders. And of course I know I needed to be here the week before transfer calls. We will know Saturday night who is staying and who is going in Brewer. At this point I know that the Lord will send me where I need to be (even if that means packing, ugh). But I know when we ask God to direct our paths He is putting us where we need to be. I learned this principle of being where God needs us a few weeks ago when I was reading D&C 100 but I didn't have a testimony of it until this week. May we all learn what our purpose is in our position this week!
Sister Wright

All of the missionaries at Zone Conference. Sister Wright is 4 rows back in the middle.

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