Tuesday, October 6, 2015

"Out of the Frying Pan, into the Fire" - October 5, 2015

A picture of Sister Wright at a private cemetery in Manchester. Her Grandma Wright's maiden name is "Stowell" and we know some of the ancestors lived in the area

Well, one more week and one more transfer done. But the end of this transfer was great because we got to see the living Prophet and Apostles, even seeing the call of the three new members of the quorum of the twelve! What an awesome weekend filled with love and the Spirit! I will always love the guidance and revelation I receive from General Conference. I know it can always answer our personal problems, be they secular or spiritual.
General Conference wasn't the only fun thing Sister Banda and I did this week! We had some more dinner appointments with members which were really nice. We also were able to see the two less active sisters that we spend a lot of time focusing on and working with. Sister Archer (who we took to the Joseph Smith Memorial!) was really excited to see us as always and we were able to encourage her and everyone we came in contact with to watch General Conference, which we found out she did (keep reading to find out more!) and was just so thankful for us visiting her. Sister Archer is also pretty attached to Sister Banda because Sister Banda actually taught and saw her in her first area in Maine. With transfers at the end of this week we knew Sister Banda would probably be leaving Manchester and we took some time to reassure her that at least I would still be in Manchester. Same with the other less active sister we work with.
Friday was weekly planning day where we take some time to prepare for the upcoming week, check our effort and progress of the current week, and set goals and make plans to be better. With this upcoming transfer I took charge and somewhere in the middle of planning I realized that I was going to be teaching someone the "ins and outs" without the help and guidance of the wonderful Sister Banda and on top of that, the weather was getting really cold really quick and I had NOTHING for the cold that was already upon us. As the temperature has decreased, locals have been telling me the horrors of New England winters and being from Arizona, that's terrifying. Halfway through planning I slid under my desk and took a minute to cry because I didn't know how I was going to handle the area when I can hardly handle the cold. Sister Banda was able to coax me out and reassured me I'd do fine and that things would work out. That evening we had another appointment with another less active sister that we were going to see with a member of the ward, Sister Goyette, which fell through right as Sister Goyette was at our apartment to pick us up. What happened next was a miracle.
 We ran outside to tell Sister Goyette the bad news and to ask if there was anything we could do for her. She noticed my lack of jacket and asked if I had any warmer things which I had to explain that I'm from Arizona and that this pretty much was the warmest things I needed year-round. She looked at us and said "Get in the car, we're going to Goodwill". As a missionary, when a member tells you to do something, you basically do it as soon as possible so we got in the car and Sister Goyette took us to Goodwill and she and Sister Banda grabbed me the basics of what I need for the winter [because, let's be honest, like I would ever know what to get]. Shopping was a fun experience and Sister Goyette's generosity was a huge blessing in my life. I was crying that even, not because of the cold (although I'm still really scared about that too) but because of the generosity of the people out here. 
 When we are made members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints we basically promise to always help others come unto Christ, be it through service, callings, or proselyting. I know this week I have been blessed by Christ-like members of the church, including and especially Sister Goyette. Sister Banda is pretty great too.The past twelve weeks we have gone through a roller coaster of emotions and impressions for Manchester. We love Manchester and honestly I could not have asked for a better training experience. We have spent a lot of time not only improving the area, but ourselves and I know that is something Heavenly Father wanted for both of us.
 Well, transfer news came to us between the Saturday sessions of conference and we found out not only is Sister Banda leaving Manchester to serve as senior companion but I am also leaving to serve somewhere as Junior companion. In mission terms, we are being "shot-gunned" out. Not only am I done being trained but I'm going straight into a new area with a new companion. And that means I have to pack. I. Hate. Packing. And honestly, Sister Banda and I aren't that surprised by the "shot gun". We could tell for a long time Manchester needs help neither of us could provide so we did our best and worked where we could and we'll see what happens from there. But yes, I feel like I am straight out of the frying pan and into the fire with my time as a missionary. Three months down, fifteen more to go! Wish me luck!

Love, Sister Wright

"Cool sunset Sister Banda and I experienced"

"Food combination Sister Banda had me try. Verdict: Not bad but not good either."

"Some 'Friends of Missionaries' gave us Jiffy Pop because I said I liked it and this was my showing it off to Sister Banda"

"Conference Breakfast!"

"Yes I took a picture of a squirrel because I'm not used to them and Sister Banda calls them my little woodland friends because whenever I see one crossing the street I yell 'Go little buddy!'"

Mom-Thank you Sister Goyette!

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