Monday, January 4, 2016

New Years and 6 Months and All Nice Celebrations - January 4, 2016

Hello and Happy Monday friends and family! I trust everyone had a happy and safe New Years Party on Thursday night and got those New Years Resolutions going! Lucky for your favorite Sister Wright, her mission had transfers the week of New Years so she had the opportunity to set up new spiritual and physical goals regardless. Not really on the physical side actually, Sister Wright already adds 10 sit-ups and 5 push-ups every month to increase her core strength. She also decided to speak in the third person which is cool. 
              Anyway, I did start a new spiritual goal which is to memorize The Living Christ between Christmas and Easter. If you have not read or studied The Living Christ I would highly recommend giving it a once-over. It is an inspired document written by special witnesses of the divinity of Jesus Christ. I had the opportunity to memorize it years ago for Girls Camp but have since forgotten a lot of it so it is really neat to go over and review the powerful truths of the Savior given. Besides that, this week has gone really well for Sister Wright and Daughety. Tuesday was undoubtedly an adventure. Sunday of last week it had already snowed a bit and I was breaking out the warmer boots and a scarf but Tuesday. Tuesday I looked out the window and all I could see was white stuff. Snow. Snow everywhere. I was honestly in awe. The good and bad kind. And what made it even better was we had an appointment with our recent converts down the street so guess who walked in the unplowed snow for about a half mile to a teaching appointment? Man, I was covered in snow and frost. Luckily my hands and feet and head were warm and dry but I honestly was just in awe of how much snow there was. The recent converts and another member we passed on the way just laughed when I said "This is the most snow I've seen in my life". I'm sure all they were thinking was "Poor, poor Arizona girl. You don't know winter." It's true, I don't. But I did shovel for the first time Tuesday which was cool! We shoveled a lot: our doorstep, a near-by member's doorstep, a near-by less active's doorstep. And that took about three hours so yay snow! Oh and fun fact (probably just to me because I don't/didn't know winter) if the snow doesn't melt and if things aren't salted it becomes ice. So "the most snow I've seen in my life" has become "the most ice I've seen in my life". Where there were banks of snow is now icebergs and it's pretty fun to take a smaller chunk of ice and throw it on top of the iceberg just to have it shatter BECAUSE THE ICE IS SO SOLID. These are the fun things Sister Wright finds to do in the winter.
Wednesday was not that exciting but Thursday (New Years Eve) was pretty great. We were about to contact a lot of people we hadn't before because we had a ton of extra miles on the van for the end of the month (thanks smart planning). We even had a spontaneous meal appointment from some members who we called to see if we could stop by and they insisted that they feed us which was good. The dad made some pretty good turkey we got to take home and Sister Daughety and I celebrated New Years Eve at 8:45 pm with turkey on crackers with Gouda cheese (because if I'm not getting a crab boil for New Years I will definitely at least still get my fancy cheese fix. Also, now I have addicted Sister Daughety to fancy cheese). And we didn't set an alarm to be awake for the official start of the New Year. We were both too tired for that so we just woke up into the New Year.
So Friday marks it being 2016! Wow, I honestly never mentally processed this year ever being in existence. I guess I have always just anticipated being on my mission at this time so I never expected it to be real but here we are. January 1 also marked by 6 month mark wearing the name tag! Wow, so many milestones! I honestly don't believe sometimes how fast it goes. But time flies when you're having fun, and I can definitely said my missionary experience has been (9 out of 10 times) fun! And I know I wouldn't be this far without the spiritual strength given to me constantly by my friends and family so thank you all so much.
Well, as far as the new year goes, it's going pretty great here in Brewer. Pretty soon here it will again be Brrrrrrrewer. But I love it here. I still can't believe I've been here longer than I've been in Manchester but my heart still belongs there too. But that's all the mission is about, giving up your heart. Well, I better get going before I get too deep and philosophical and make everyone too emotional. I hope we all start off this New Years right and set awesome spiritual goals to improve and come closer to Christ!
Sister Wright

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