Tuesday, June 14, 2016

20 and Proud! - June 13, 2016

                "It's my birthday gift to me! I'm so happy!"               

                    Hello and Happy Monday friends and family. I am coming at you from the Portland Chapel on Zone P-Day round 2. Yes, we went to Portland Headlight again but I haven't even told you round 1 of Zone P-Day so I will just jump right into that so you don't have to wait to hear about the awesomeness of this week. Before I go into the details I want to just say thank you to everyone who sent me some form of birthday love! I have really appreciated your emails, letters, and prayers! Leaving my teens wouldn't have been as awesome if it weren't for you all so THANK YOU!! Onto the week!
                    Monday was zone P-Day as I announced last week. Sister Ritchie and I arrived a little later than everyone else but we still got to play a bit on the field. As we were walking up though the entire Zone started singing Happy Birthday. As always, I was super awkward but like the singing happening. I really have an awesome zone. On our way from the Portland Headlight to the Portland Chapel Sister Ritchie and I (well, mostly I) stopped for Lobster Rolls which were wicked expensive but way worth it. So yeah, pre-birthday fun in Portland.
                    Tuesday we did missionary things. Quite honestly that's the best I could explain it. Taught some but also went finding. That evening we were at the church to help with the Family History Class and one member mom said "Hey, we have extra pizza, would you sisters like some?" Uh, yes. So we had Little Caesars my last day as a teenager. Couldn't have asked for a more teenager-y experience than Little Caesars. Oh and the weather was cool. That night the wind, thunder, and lightning picked up and reminded me of monsoons back home. It was a cool feeling.
                    Wednesday I officially LEFT TEENAGE-HOOD! 20!!! In all honesty, it was a long day but still good. Had a member lunch, service at Heart of Biddeford, a lesson with a member, and the highlight: Member Dinner with the traditional Birthday Cheesecake! I wish I could say there was like ONE THING that made the day awesome but overall it was just great. I really just felt blessed. But Thursday we went back to ding missionary things, weekly planning, and doing service at the food kitchen. All in preparation for: FRIDAY WHICH WAS ZONE CONFERENCE! It was the Stoker's last LAST zone conference and it was so emotional. We laughed, we cried, and really felt the spirit. We all had the opportunity to share our golden truths and I got to see some old friends from old areas and districts. At lunch Sister Ritchie and I got to eat with the Stoker's with the Brewer and Ellsworth sisters. But the big event everyone is going to write about is getting to hug Sister AND President Stoker. He said he was so proud of me and I can't wait to see them back in AZ sooner than I like to believe.
                    Saturday we contacted a really solid referral the Elders found for us and did service at another food pantry. After we helped organize all the food we helped wash the windows. Sister Ritchie and I look down and we see this ugly giant mosquito thing with huge wings and the lady says "oh, that's only a Diamond Needle." UHM, WHAT?! It was gross and we got creative washing windows around that thing. Sunday we helped in Primary second and third hour during sharing time. We helped teach the story of Jonah and the Whale with tarps outside. When we were "in the whale" we all went under the tarp. Overall I think the kids really enjoyed it.
                    Well, again thank you everyone always for your love and prayers. I hope you all have a good upcoming week! Love and miss you all!

Sister Wright! 

"Welcome to Maine. MOXIE!"

 "Portland Headlight. Unfortunately it had scaffolding around it"

"Ah, the Atlantic"

"I love my zone"

"My zone are dorks"

"For my Mom, landscape"

"More for Mom"

"Comp photo"

"Let me take a selfie"

"Gift from the Cornish Sisters"

"Things we had to stop for"

"Why my trainer is the best"

Birthday Dinner

Birthday Cheesecake

"Bet you can't tell who is 107 and who is 20?"

"Best shot of the sisters with Sister Stoker that I got"

"With the Stokers"

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