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Another Transfer Already? - June 20, 2016


                    Yes, hello, it is your favorite New England Sister Missionary with the tales of her life this week. May I just start by saying I can't believe we are coming up on my year mark so soon but here we are, basically looking at the face of July, and wondering "When did this happen?" I honestly have no idea. It really hit me when yesterday we finished up Sister Ritchie's study of "The First 12 Weeks" by watching The District 2 and I vaguely remember this was the same thing I was doing last year for Father's Day, watching The District 2 on our TV. And that really freaked me out. Also, Happy Father's to all dads out there, especially my dad, and continue being good examples! I know appreciate all my father did/does for me. And I figure I: should highlight this in my mass email because we don't get to call home for his day. But thanks for everything Dad! And Happy Birthday! I enjoyed a root beer float in your behalf yesterday.
                    But as far as the week went we made it. And by "we made it" I literally mean Sister Ritchie and I are spending another 6 weeks together here in Saco! Woo! This week really tried to mess with us, especially Saturday, but we wouldn't let it.
                    Monday after Zone P-Day Round 2 we really tried to contact anyone within walking distance, in the drizzly rain, but didn't find anyone. That's ok because while we were walking I remembered we had forgotten to call a referral the Elders had given us to set up a return appointment and she was so excited that we called. She even set up an appointment for the next morning and all of us were excited. Tuesday that appointment fell through, but again that's ok because she called us during companion study right when we started talking about her. If she's not inspired and prepared to join I will cry. And we had other appointments throughout the day fall through. The most fun thing was we help with family history every Tuesday evening and this week we had a member come with some problems she had been having with Familysearch.org. I was so excited to help her with what I knew about the website and really enjoyed hearing some of the stories of the people we were trying to accurately enter. Added Bonus: Some of her ancestors were from South Berwick so that was a fun throwback to Somersworth. Family History is so fun! OH ALSO Tuesday we painted the site of some temporary stairs for the Biddeford Ball that went on this Saturday during La Kermisse (the annual Franco-American Festival). We had fun painting, especially since we did it under the direction of a local fashion company, Angel Rox.We got to meet the owners and be in the warehouse/store and wanted to touch all the clothes, it was a problem. But the stairs were painted Black and Tan, not too exciting, but still pretty nicely done on our part.
                    Wednesday was the last district meeting of the most "sibling-like" district I have been a part of. I have enjoyed learning from every member in that district and am sad to see a lot of them go but they have to go be awesome somewhere else. Besides that we spent a lot of time finding both Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday we also did service at the food kitchen where there was a third of the number of people we usually get, mostly because of La Kermisse, which started Thursday. That night was supposed to be fireworks which we didn't get to see, our apartment windows weren't positioned right to see them :( But I at least got LOBSTER finally for a member meal. I am so spoiled in the Saco ward, honestly.
                    Friday we went to Sanford for an appointment for Sister Ritchie. It was weird because on the way to the office we passed the road that led to the Sanford chapel. Again, throwback to Somersworth. This is what happens when you only serve two areas north of your last area I guess. And don't worry about Sister Ritchie, health wise she is alright!
                    Saturday, somehow we survived. Our usual opportunity of service fell through and we were already struggling to know where to find people so that two hour gap really tried to break me. Especially since most of the ward was in Boston at the temple. And everyone local was at La Kermisse. But we did it. We took things one person at a time. We got to visit an ill sister and sing a hymn for her which she really enjoyed. We set up a return appointment with another less active brother. By the end of it all somehow we made it. And I'm so grateful we did. Especially since transfer news was that night. We were blessed to find out we were staying together, so it looks like I'll be sending my year mark here in Saco. I really can't believe it has been a year since I started this journey but I am so grateful I did. I hope you all have been blessed in the last 51 weeks, because I know I have. I love and miss you all!
Sister Wright 

 Poor Sister Ritchie has a seafood allergy and the members were nice enough to provide two different dinners!

Sister Wright and District-No idea why the lunchbox and toys

Transfer #9 Planner

Transfer #8 Planner

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