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I Mean, You Could Say Vermont Is Literally Chill - December 19, 2016

"Capital Selfie"

So it is Monday again friends and family and I can say I have had the coldest week of my life. Thankfully it was also really fun, filled with activities that didn't let us stay outside for extended periods of time. Because winter is cold. And I'm from Arizona. Like in Arizona, we never have to cancel church because half the ward didn't make it to sacrament meeting, one member slid on the hill to the church and the other half of the ward had to wait for the van to be pulled out of the ditch, and have an ice storm looming in the afternoon so to keep everyone safe cancel third hour. And then have the ward council ground your car because of the ice storm. So you can't go help at the JSM in South Royalton. Not an Arizona problem. But yesterday was still really cool! Because we were grounded we took the opportunity to walk to downtown Montpelier from our apartment and talked to a lot of people. Don't worry mom, we only stayed out in the light hours and carried hand warmers. Good times in Montpelier my friends.
I hope everyone is getting pumped for Christmas in less than a week! I can't wait to Skype my family but I am sad that will bring #LIGHTtheWORLD to a close! I have enjoyed seeing all of you participating in bringing service to those around you. Keep it up for the New Year!
Besides that I guess I'll run down what happened in Swagpelier this week:
Monday Sister Clegg and I went to an all-Vermont shop in downtown Montpelier and found Vermont shirts and a IL*insert heart*VERMONTPELIER sticker. Because Vermont is cool. We also found a restaurant(?)/shop(?)/hotel(?) called Be Our Guest that Sister Clegg made us stop and get pictures because we love Beauty and the Beast. OH and I contacted my trainer's referral she taught when she was in Vermont. Families always give the best referrals. We showed her the #LIGHTtheWORLD video and an advent calendar. Hopefully she can enjoy it with her family!
Tuesday we went on exchange with the South Royalton sisters so I got to spend the day with Sister Barney. She is fantastic! Not only is she talented musically (I mean, she is a drumline boss) but she is a super stellar missionary. We stopped by Dollar General with a member and Sister Barney promised the cashier we would come back and carol for her because she wasn't excited for Christmas and we totally did! She said it made her day! We also found a cool family that is so prepared to learn about the restored gospel so be excited and thanks Sister Barney!
Wednesday wasn't very exciting, but district meeting was cool. The South Royalton Senior Sisters brought us a "snack" that was really a full party tray of meat and cheese and crackers. Way fun.
Thursday started and we anticipated the weather to be full on Siberia and we walk out to 14-19 degree weather it was nothing. By the time we were done helping with Meals on Wheels in Northfield the winds were fierce and the temperature obviously had dropped. We spent the rest of the day being smart like only going outside the car when necessary. Some cool things came of that: We stopped by a less active member's where we were told she was working at a nearby mall so we jumped back in the car, drove to the mall, talked to a lady on the bench outside and showed her the #LIGHTtheWORLD video and went to the shop where the member worked and found the cutest clothes ever. We promised her we would come back today to look around some more so I'm way excited. And Sister Clegg felt prompted to stop by someone she met on the worldwide day of service and she was so excited to see us again and watch the #LIGHTtheWORLD video again. Blessings!
Flashback to Tuesday we helped at a food pantry where we asked an volunteer if she did anything else in the community to serve and she told us she sews for a group called Days for Girls. If you like sewing I would definitely check that out! It is a great way to help out on a world-wide level. All I did was iron fabric together (even though I could sew, I just didn't know how to use the surger(?) and there was only one sewing machine) and it was a great way to use time when it was below zero Friday morning. We also had a spontaneous dinner with the stake patriarch and his wife. They are the cutest thing ever!
Saturday we again had a lot of things fall through but we were able to have the coolest lesson with the most solid investigator at a member's home in Waterbury (home of Ben & Jerry's! No pics, but maybe soon). When I say solid investigator, like he is going to be baptized in a few weeks in Utah. The thing is he travels a lot for work and his member friends are in Utah so I guess you could say we are having a baptism...? Mostly? Oh well, he is cool regardless.
And I already bragged about Sunday. I hope you all have a good Christmas week! I love and miss you all and please remember the real reason for Christmas this season!
Sister Wright

The Christmas Card the Montpelier Missionaries sent out 

"Literally 0 degrees selfie"

"Cool store for Vermont Swag"

 "Vermont Swag Selfie"

"Service at Days for Girls"

"Sister Clegg cutting liners"

"The Capital in the day"

"We joke it's The Hunger Games Capital"

"And at night"

"City Hall"

"Cute alley way is cute and festive"

"So pretty"


"Winter is trippy"

"Photo cred Sister Clegg"

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