Monday, December 5, 2016

Not So Green State - December 5, 2016

"Swag Saco Beanie I am so pumped to own"

Hello and happy Monday friends and family! Here begins my last transfer as a missionary out here in Northern New England. Fun fact from "Arriving by canoe, missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints crossed the Piscataqua River to Maine in 1832. They searched for converts door to door and started a congregation in Saco, York County." In my time here in Saco I feel like I have shared that fire those early missionaries in Saco had for bringing the gospel to the people in Maine and I have really learned to love this state. The way life should be. Honestly, as an Arizona girl I never would have thought Maine would be a place I would place my heart but here it is and I will forever love these people. I pray that my efforts will get this state a temple sometime in the next ten years.
                    Because I know you all are wondering and have been asking, I am being transferred to Montpelier, VT as Sister Training Leader for my last six weeks. In a way I am way excited: I get to follow in the footsteps of my trainer and spend my last transfer as a missionary in the last district she served in as a missionary. In A LOT of other ways I am really scared. Vermont is a lot boonier than anywhere I have ever served (because I have only served in cities which is honestly perfect for me). I am also expected to be a leader for other sets of sisters and going to be somewhere completely different Christmas so there is a lot of worry there. And I am totally going to miss all the people I have learned to love here in Saco!! The members and people out here are great and I will miss them... but not for long because the internet is awesome! Thanks for all you have done for me Saco! I really feel spoiled with how the members here are sending me off.
                    Wow so with the news of transfers I feel like this last week was totally a blur. Last week we picked up with Chipotle and a giant boot. Tuesday we prepped for all the big finding opportunities we were going to have at the end of the week like making a #LIGHTtheWORLD poster and putting glow sticks to #LIGHTtheWORLD cards. Besides that it rained all day and we did normal missionary finding things which went well.
                    Wednesday we delivered the #LIGHTtheWORLD box advent calendar I had made for our investigator Kayla. She LOVED IT. She texted us Thursday and told us her and her son had already done service for each other (each day had a life saver candy attached) and her son had already enjoyed the life saver. We stopped by her place Saturday night and she told me how grateful she was for me to make that for her. I felt very special.
                    Thursday was the WORLD WIDE DAY OF SERVICE! We had a lot of opportunities to work with everyone we know to get the hashtag #LIGHTtheWORLD out there! We stopped by a nursing home with a member to get some more service for us there, we helped at a food pantry, we did genealogy with a member, and cleaned for and taught a lesson for an investigator. The evening ended with the Thayer's (special guest stars the Guerrette's) with Jimmy Johns for dinner and Butterbeer for dessert. You both the real MVPs!
                    Friday was crazy cool because we got to do service for Dave, have a Japanese curry meal with a member (and I liked it. Mark the calendars, I like a curry dish!), and I got to see a seed I planted in my time in Biddeford at a Christmas festival we had a booth at. Our booth was fairly popular (right next to the Sports Clips prize wheel) and we were handing out #LIGHTtheWORLD calendars and I started talking to this really friendly lady. Finally she said she had met me before with a taller girl and told me what street she lived on and I realized I had met her before! I asked if she would ever like someone to follow up on the calendar with her this month and she said sure! Go elders go! I also invited this neat mom who wanted her daughter to learn more about religion before she becomes a teenager and got her number. It was a neat finding experience.
                    Saturday we basically bounced everywhere in downtown Saco all day for the festival that was going on. We tried handing out calendars during the day but no dice. We actually ended up caroling with the elders that evening during/after the light parade and handed out a bunch of calendars and candy canes. Service is so cool!
                    Sunday was basically saying good bye day. It was hard. It's still hard. But I haven't broken down yet because like I said, internet saves lives. It is truly and end of an era of growth for me but I know this change will be good. I love and miss you all and hope you have a good week where ever you are!
Sister Wright
"My proud turkey I colored"
The Advent Calendar that Sister Wright gave to Kayla

"Us and Sister Hatter"
"Food pantry on World Wide Day of Service"
"Genealogy with Sister Barron for Light the World!"

"Cleaning at Peggy's"

"Peggy and Sister Duffy for Light the World"
"A Maple Leaf treat from Japan Sister Colbert gave us The sweet stuff inside was
made of red bean!"
"Our booth at the Biddeford holiday festival"

"How to prepare a Book of Mormon"

"Biddeford Christmas Tree"
"District photo sans Saco 1"

"Me and the Bryant's!"

 "Snow. What a great way to be sent off"

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