Monday, April 18, 2016

I'm Not Creative - April 18, 2016

Some church members brought over red velvet cupcakes!

Hello and happy Monday friends and family! I trust you all had a good week enjoying the warmer weather. This week we had Zone Interviews and while Sister DeWidt had her exit interview I got to chat with Sister Stoker who lived in Mesa for 20 years and she showed me the weather for Mesa this week. All I can tell the Phoenix valley is we are finally catching up with the spring weather! The temperatures are above 50 so I don't even have to wear leggings! (Let's just say a year ago, that would NOT have been my reaction to 50 degree weather. The mission is truly a growing experience people). Also the bugs are starting to come out, or it is "getting buggy" in New England terms. Yes, I think we are officially out of "swing" and into spring. Good times good times. Well, I guess I'll tell you how Sister DeWidt and I are faring in Somersworth as we enjoy this warmer weather!!
We have been getting creative with our proselyting strategies now that people can go outside for extended periods of time. We have a couple of cemeteries nearby so we decided to take an hour to go "cemetery contacting" with a handful of cards and invite people to use The results: None yet but it was refreshing to walk around and see some really cool old graves, most were around the 1800's. Around that same cemetery we took some chalk and drew the Plan of Salvation! No contacts from that yet either but at least people can learn a little bit about God's purpose for them!
Like I mentioned earlier we had Zone Interviews which were really fun. Sister DeWidt and I were the first in the day to be interviewed because Sister DeWidt needed to have her exit interview but my interview with President Stoker went really well. It's funny. I don't know why but before my mission I somehow expected to see the mission president like weekly but out here you're lucky if you seem him twice a month. It was good to spend time with him, let him know about some of my personal concerns, as well as my concerns for the area. Overall I feel like I got the guidance I need to make it through the next half of the transfer.
Besides that, this week we had no member meal appointments scheduled because we haven't had normal church services for two weeks so Sister DeWidt and I burned through gift cards and coupons exploring some of the local cuisine of the area. We had gift certificates for a Chinese Buffet that we ventured to on Friday. Sister DeWidt and I probably enjoyed ourselves too much, honestly. We both love Chinese food. We also got some Panera Saturday for lunch which really threw me back to home.
Overall we had a fairly mediocre week broken up with some pretty creative contacting methods. Not to quote a creepy YouTube video but when things get difficult, get creative! It's amazing what mixing it up a bit can do to your soul! I hope you all have a good upcoming week and maybe next week I'll have some more awesome experiences to share with you.
Sister Wright

Rocking out to BYU Vocal Point FHE Medley

District PDay

"Killing" Sister DeWidt/Avenging the death of Sister Banda (in Missionary Speak, this means that Sister DeWidt will be going home and Sister Wright was her last companion. Sister Banda was Sister Wright's trainer. And Sister DeWidt "killed" Sister Banda)

Sisters DeWidt, Wright, Mulford and Kauvaka

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