Monday, April 4, 2016

Missions Are Time Machines - April 4, 2016


  Sister Wright with her "Hump Day" camel

                   Hello and happy Monday happy people. Today is already April 4, 2016 (which is mathematically pleasing to the eye, 4*4=16) and I can't believe I'm at nine months out already! Like, when did that happen? Probably because missions are time machines, you blink (and it is safe to blink on missions, my Whovian fan friends) and next thing you know you've gone from your first area to your third area and second general conference. Time does fly when you're on the Lords errand, and having fun along the way. Well I guess I'll update you a bit about my week as that is your purpose in reading this letter I hope.

                    Well the week itself was pretty long leading up to the weekend, probably because we were so excited for general conference. We decided to spend some time everyday showing our love for the members by "heart attacking" their doors and stopping by just to sing them some hymns. It all went pretty well and used up a lot of hearts. We originally used heart shaped post-it notes I had inherited in my first area but we burned through those quickly and had to color and copy a bunch to tape to doors. At the beginning of the week we tried our best to be anonymous but that was lost when a member took a picture of her hearts, posted it on Facebook, and then asked if we were the culprits. Of course we said yes and so the ward knew pretty quickly it was us. Oh well, we still went around giving hearts. And it was really fun!
                    Saturday itself was crazy because we missed regular morning studies for a volunteer breakfast/meeting for a thrift store we work at. We then had a teaching appointment at 10 and from there we had conference at noon. But conference was so good! I went to general conference with a few questions and I took notes on what stood out to me, especially by the Spirit and I feel just spiritually edified. I was honestly getting worried by the end of Sunday Afternoon that Elder Holland wouldn't speak but of course he did and blew it out of the park! Conference was just so great, there really isn't any better way to say it!!
                    Well, like I said, this week was pretty slow mostly in anticipation for General Conference. The weather was crazy as usual, it got up to the 70's one day and it's snowing nice powder right now. I got a real nice "hump day" package from my family for my nine month mark. I just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me on my mission, whether it was recently for my nine month mark or in the past. You all have really made the mission the greatest and I am grateful for all who write and pray for me. I am sorry if I never get back to you but know your time you take to write and encourage me is never wasted! I love you all and I hope you have a great week! Next week will definitely be more exciting with exchanges and stake conference! Love and miss you all!

Sister Wright 

She seemed pretty excited to get an Arizona Diamondbacks shirt! I wanted to remind her that no matter how much she loves New England, she is still an Arizona girl!

"Something Elder Hopkins in my District tried to do with the District. I got 30 points and sister DeWidt got 15" I thought this looked so fun!

"This is what happened over email time"

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