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Seven Weeks of Somer - March 28, 2016

I know this is grainy, but I couldn't resist zooming in for a close up of her happy smile-Mom

Hello again people who enjoy Mondays. This is your favorite New England Sister Missionary writing you to tell you all about her awesome adventures in the Somersworth area. I honestly can't believe I have already been in Somersworth seven weeks because the weeks just fly by! By my seventh week in Manchester I felt like it had been an eternity and my seventh week in Brewer was Thanksgiving so you can reference that email for my feelings. Being in Somersworth, especially for the super weird seven week transfer, has been a roller coaster; sometimes a roller coaster that's just for little kids and goes up like ten feet in the area but nevertheless a roller coaster. I have learned a lot about myself in this area and I'm sure will continue to grow here as well.
Fun Fact: The town (I think it's a town because I'm sure it's not a city or a village) is supposed to be "Summer" like the season but since the official name was recorded back when there wasn't standardized spelling, some guy wrote up "Somer" and this is where we are now, centuries later. Don't you love history? Well I hope with that fun fact you are excited to learn more about the adventures of Sister Wright in Somersworth. And for those of you already dying to know, yes, Sister DeWidt and I are staying together. In missionary terms I am "killing her off", which is awesome considering she "killed" my trainer Sister Banda. Alli, vengeance will be ours! And another fun fact, we are one of only four sister companionships staying together this transfer, and that includes the eight sister missionaries that came out last transfer and are still being trained. That plus the emergency transfers that happened all last week including us receiving Sister O'Bryant as our new Sister Training Leader were just some of the highlights of this crazy week!
So like I said, emergency transfers happened so we now have a new Sister Training Leader. She had week to learn her new area while Sisters Pankratz and Evans prepared to go home (love you BOTH!) and we already had plans to have lunch with the STL's on Tuesday so we were "surprised" to have three of them over for lunch. It was really fun though. We meant to have it be a picnic at one of the local cemeteries but the weather was too windy and chilly so we were lame and ate inside. Still really fun. And Tuesday was super great because we contacted a media referral who had requested a Book of Mormon. The first time we stopped by her home in the day no one answered so we continued our work around her home but I just felt like we needed stop by even one more time. So as we were going into the building a woman rushed out on the phone and we didn't think anything of it, until we realized that might have been who we were trying to contact so after we knocked on the door and heard silence we rushed outside to find the phone lady and talk to her. Thankfully after a minute of searching and praying we found her and she wasn't our referral. BUT HER SISTER WAS so she got her sister and we got her the Book of Mormon. We were so happy and excited Sister DeWidt almost cried giving her the Book of Mormon. Apparently she had been curious about the church for years and just recently reached out because of all the big changes in her life. We told her the Book would bring her peace and we set up a time to see her again. What I learned: Media Referrals are gold. We received another request of a man who wanted a Holy Bible and Book of Mormon and we were able to catch him too and set up another time to see him. I am so grateful we live in a time where we have resources like the internet to find people and share with them our message!
I also accomplished another major task in driving us and the Elders to Sanford for District Meeting. I just like to share this accomplishment because I don't like driving so go me.
Besides that Sister DeWidt and I had a fairly good week. We planned for this upcoming transfer assuming we'd be staying together and we are. We get to watch General Conference together which will be nice. We got to watch the Women's Session Saturday with a group of women from the ward in the Relief Society room and that was neat. I really enjoyed listening to Sister Marriott's talk in particular (I just really love Sister Marriott in general). I love how she and President Eyring asked us to stand as witnesses of our faith and I know as a missionary I do that 24/7 but it made me want to be a better missionary when I go home.
Sunday was Easter and we were invited/asked/pushed to be in the ward choir for sacrament meeting. It honestly went really well, especially for Sister DeWidt and I who had just seen the music that day. And Easter dinner we spent at the ward mission leader's with his family. We had all the good holiday food like turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and of course deviled eggs. So we weren't forgotten on Easter, yay!
Well that's about all for Somersworthy adventures this week. If I could include one more crazy story it would be we didn't have power for two hours in our apartment. Everything clicked on again as we headed out for the day. Oh apartment, how you tease us so.
Have a good week as I hope you did with Easter! Enjoy general conference and learn what you can by the speakers and especially the Holy Ghost! I love and miss you all!
Sister Wright

"This was (last) Monday, you can't even tell it snowed!"

"Us and the sister training leaders. We had lunch Tuesday"

District meeting

Humpty Dumpty Egg

"Turkey Crossing"

 "This is why you can't be late in New England"

Easter at the Ward Mission Leader's house

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