Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Snow Excited for Week Seven - March 21, 2016

At Zone Conference in Exeter, NH

                     Hello and Happy second day of Spring friends and family. I bet you all thought the cold and snow puns had ended. Nope, thanks to our good friend New England Mother Nature we have another day of snow on our hand. So what better way to start of spring with snow boots and a shovel. Luckily, most of the roads have been plowed so driving to write you this email wasn't too bad, just cold. I also heard the Provo City Center Temple dedication was this weekend! I know a lot of you were Abe to attend that and I hope you all had a good time! Back here in the mission, this week is a super special week because of the MTC extension we all have an extra week added to our missions! So if you all were anticipating transfer news, you get to wait one more week to hear if I get to avenge Sister Banda's "death" by "killing" Sister DeWidt. Next week will be Transfer, Easter, Women's Session week! How fun!
                    Well, I guess I'll get into this week a bit. Honestly, I don't know where it flew by. Probably because Wednesday we had Zone Conference in Exeter. We carpooled down with the Elders, got there at about 8:15 am and didn't leave til about 5:15 pm so it was pretty long but really good. We focused a lot on the importance of the sabbath day and after lunch had a Sister's Session put on by Sister Stoker to talk about the importance of sisters in the work. We all prepared a brief explanation of our favorite female scripture hero and being a narcissist I chose to talk about Priscilla. In all honesty, I do love Priscilla from the New Testament and if you haven't heard of her I would highly encourage it. She is a wonderful example of a member missionary and is someone I aspire to be when I go home. It was also weird to be back where I had my first zone conference six months later. I feel like the building felt different, probably because I am a very different missionary now. I have learned and grown a lot since then.
                    As far as the work goes it is still fairly slow. I am officially dubbing this past transfer just sick season because everyone we work with has gotten sick which makes it difficult for us to work with them. It reminds me of something I learned in my first area that Jesus healed the sick and afflicted because it is really hard to feel spiritually when you aren't feeling well physically. Luckily I haven't been too sick in my time out here but I know a lot of missionaries that have and we should always pray that they'll get better.
                    I guess besides that nothing too earth shattering happened this week. Even though I've been in Somersworth a month I have been really trying to get to know the members, especially with the social media splits we had this weekend to encourage members to share the Mormon.org Easter website and video. Some members I did meet this week were pretty cool including bringing us chocolate bars from Ikea when she couldn't make her appointment with us and observing a members awesome Lego collection. Members are the key to missionary work. I know that's so true. I encourage you all to share something from FollowHim.Mormon.org and use that opportunity to share your beliefs about the Savior and how He blesses us as individuals and as families. And may we all have an awesome Easter weekend!
Sister Wright

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