Monday, March 7, 2016

A Week of What - March 7, 2016

                   Hello and happy Monday people of earth and any other life forms that read these emails. I hope you all had a wonderful week and did fun things like email or write snail mail for your favorite missionary. No? Well, might I suggest taking sometime and writing a letter to your favorite missionary? They don't have to be me. I know all missionaries are excited when they get hand written notes of love and encouragement. Why? Because being a missionary is hard. Not necessarily because "the work" itself is hard but because being a child of God in a physical body is tough and we should all encourage one another in our efforts. So send a note, it will make a difference!
                    Well, as I'm hoping you read from this week's title, this past week was fairly unusual. For one, New England weather is fairly unpredictable, have I mentioned that before? This week it got down to the 20's plus wind chill so it was pretty crisp outside in the middle of the week. It has since warmed up a bit but as I'm writing you it's snowing outside so...
                    Our biggest challenge (so we thought) this week was getting our screen door fixed after the wind ripped the spring off. After talking with the landlord and telling them that was our only problem we assumed there wouldn't be a huge rush to get a repair guy out here. That's of course what made our toilet start having problems. Using our detective skills we realized the reason the toilet wouldn't flush was because the handle was broken. Easy enough, we could wait for the repair guy to install a new one when he fixes our door. And then a seal was broken... So we had a constantly flushing toilet until Saturday when we definitely requested the repair guy asap. So toilet problems: Not a problem you anticipate as a missionary but they happen.
                    I guess this week was just kinda off. Sister DeWidt and I are doing what we can but at the end of the week we don't have a lot of opportunities to teach which as a missionary is integral to our purpose. I have never been yelled at until I got to Somersworth (this has happened twice) and I feel like Satan is really throwing his fiery darts at this area.
                    Through all of this I have found myself reading a lot from the Ensign. I don't know why but the Ensign has really become my best friend while serving in this area. I have read a number of experiences by faithful members and especially missionaries who face trials with a knowledge of the gospel and are strengthened through that. The scriptures give me peace, but I would say the Ensign definitely brings peace as well.
                    May we all have an awesome upcoming week as we study and prepare for not only Easter but also General Conference!
Sister Wright

Sister DeWidt and Sister Wright

Sister Wright and Sister DeWidt with Sister Hughs, the Knights, and Brother Drew. Elders Bade and McMahan

"Being a missionary is kinda like being a Pokemon trainer"

"When you're trying to study the Book of Mormon and you find Australian slang"

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