Monday, February 29, 2016

#Hallelujah - February 29, 2016

I finally got that kid to send me a picture of herself! - Mom

                   Hello and Happy Leap Day friends and family! It's not every day you get a letter from a missionary on February 29 but here we are with this super special letter from your favorite New England Sister Missionary. I hope everyone has had a good past week. I know things have been kinda crazy for those in the Chandler East Stake with the split. It is pretty fun to say I won't be returning to the same stake I left from, Chandler South all the way! But really, my home stake split has made me really wish there could be a stake split here in the New Hampshire Manchester Mission because that means more New Englanders would be accepting our Heavenly Father's love for them! And then we could work towards a temple in Maine! But I guess for now I'll just keep working day by day, helping who I can come closer to Christ.
                    This last week was honestly pretty crazy. I feel like that happens with any week that starts with District P-Day. And we ended up not proselyting in our area for a day and a half because we went on exchanges with the Portsmouth Sister Training Leaders. Sister Pankratz and Sister Evans are both super cool and they both g home at the end of this transfer which is crazy. I spent exchanges with Sister Pankratz and we spent most of the exchange in Durham near University of New Hampshire (UNH) campus. Fun facts about UNH:
* UNH has a newspaper they post on the walls of the bathroom stalls so students have to read it (you probably don't have to ask how I know this).
* UNH has gender neutral bathrooms (I only know this because a sign told me).
* There are at least two alpaca farms near UNH campus.
* Everything in Lee, New Hampshire (near UNH campus) is 250 years old.
* There's a restaurant near campus called Polly's Pockets.
* Portsmouth is only 40 minutes from Manchester and UNH is only 30 minutes. Manchester also has it's own extension of UNH (I learned this fact long ago)
Obviously I learned other spiritual and missionary things while on exchange but those were just the fun ones I'd thought I would share with you.
                    Sad news of the week: I'm a little sick. I had a sore throat which started Tuesday on exchanges (sorry Sister Pankratz) and evolved into a cold for the rest of the week. The cold itself didn't bother me, it's more the fact that a sign of old missionary-ship is being sick enough that you're uncomfortable but not sick enough to not go out and work. And luckily the Lord blessed me so when we did go out Wednesday to finally proselyte in our area again I felt fine whenever we were outside the apartment. I still drank lots of fluids and washed my hands regularly but for the most part I felt fine outside the apartment. Obedience definitely brings blessings.
                    Besides that nothing too dramatic happened this week. It was a little more tough that even though the Swing weather is turning more and more into actual Spring we are still having a hard time with the work.
                    Friday was especially hard because even though the temperatures were in the 30's the wind was awful and it made a lot of people grumpy. We had one lady honk at us and another guy yell at us for taking his parking spot (we honestly didn't know it was his spot). That was pretty rough. But all of this week has really made me try to focus on the good things that did happen, even if they are little things like hearing Uptown Funk at Subway or Blank Space at Dunkin Donuts. Heavenly Father is always blessing us with tender mercies and sometimes they’re so small they could be easy to ignore. But I know as we look for them we can always see a constant stream of blessings.
                    One final blessing I would like to point out is the blessing of technology! With the March Ensign already on the Gospel Library App I was excited to see and read a little bit about the new Easter Initiative: Follow Him! #hallelujah And I don't use that irreverently, that is part of the initiative! I hope everyone is as excited as I am for March 13 when the Easter website comes up! #hallelujah!
Sister Wright 

Pictures from District PDay

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