Monday, February 1, 2016

Celebrities, Skunks and Seven Months - February 1, 2016

"Pretty sunset Sister Duncan and I needed a picture of while on exchanges two weeks ago"

Hello Friends and Family! Thanks for joining your favorite New England Sister during her regularly scheduled time of Monday whenever-this-email/post-reaches-you. This week has definitely been an adventure for me and Sister Daughety. As much as we both enjoy this warmer weather (we aren't even wearing our coats today!) it has made the work a little difficult. And it's because the slush makes us slip and trip, it's a little different. But let's hear the tale of this week from the beginning!
Since I talked to you last, Wednesday happened. Wednesday morning we had an appointment with Lynn and we helped her get ancestor names ready for when she goes to the temple to do baptisms for the dead next month! It's been really exciting, not just with Lynn, but with everyone we've worked with for family history to see them set up their accounts on and get their fan charts growing. The most exciting part is when they can connect their line to someone else's and their family tree just grows online! If you haven't had the opportunity to just explore I would highly recommend doing so!
Wednesday was also the day we came home to the pleasant aroma of skunk. Yes, we think with the warmer weather we have a black-and-white neighbor that thought winter was over, came out, got spooked, and left a green trail of stink like Pepe le Pew from Looney Tunes. That was so fun to come home to. That little skunk had a lot of power though because not only was it outside the apartment, the smell was able to get into the apartment, into our clothes and air and basically life. Thanks skunky friend. The worst part is how it makes Sister Daughety and I smell like unclean missionaries. It's almost been embarrassing to go out because we're worried people will smell it on us and not want to learn more because we smell bad. Luckily Wal-Mart sells Febreeze and Glade for cheap so those companies will be in the black for a while thanks to Skunky.
Thursday was more or less the same as Wednesday (or any day really) when we weren't teach we were out trying to contact members. What made both of those days enjoyable was the member meals that now with the 2016 mission vision have become really fun opportunities to teach members what we teach investigators. Even with our meal appointment last night, we were with a family of six kids and it was really neat to ask simple questions to the kids that they could just answer because the importance of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ was taught in their home. Member missionary work is such a powerful tool that I wish more members would participate in.
Besides that the only more exciting thing that happened was Friday Sister Daughety and I were driving to our meal appointment and we passed the Cross Center in Bangor who was hosting Brad Paisley that evening. As we were turning on the road going beside the arena we were stopped by some crew people to allow a Corvette Mega Bus to back up onto the road in front of us so naturally Sister Daughety and I being missionaries started to joke that Brother Paisley was going to the Bishop's to meet him as part of his commitment to the missionaries that were teaching him. It was funny to begin with but it got funnier as the Corvette Mega Bus did turn onto the Bishop's street and our nerdy missionary selves got excited. Sadly, Brother Paisley didn't stop by the Bishop's but that's ok. He probably was busy with his international tour or whatever.
Well, today marks seven months of wearing the tag and I really can't believe it has been this long. While I know I'm far from a perfect missionary I am still really proud of how far I have come in my ability to study, communicate, and teach. The past seven months have not been easy, and they don't look like they're going to get any easier with the Captain America: Civil War stuff starting to go on the shelves. But I know that being able to help people, to dedicate 18 months of my life to helping and serving people through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ is immensely more important. And I love doing it! When you are in the service of your fellow being you are only in the service of your God, and that's a happy place to be in! May we all have an awesome upcoming week of service is my prayer!
Sister Wright 

"I have needed this picture my entire life"

"Snowy day while driving. It was kind of pretty to drive in"

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