Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Back to the 'Shire - February 8, 2016

L-R Sister Morgan from Brewer, Priscilla, and Sister Daughety. She said in her email that she and Sister Daughety wore Carolina Panther colors to church!

Happy Monday friends and family and welcome to my sixth transfer. Wow, time goes by so fast as a missionary, I honestly can't believe it. Like I don't even know where that last transfer went, Sister Daughety and I must have been having way too much fun. But seriously, as this transfer draws to an end so does my time with Sister Daughety and Brewer. I honestly can't believe it's time to leave this place. I don't know if any of you know this but I really did not like Brewer when I first got here. Everything in my mind made me mad and I was really wanting to be emergency transferred somewhere else. But our loving Heavenly Father always has a higher plan for us and that is something I have had to learn as I learned to love Brewer. Now I can't believe I'm really leaving, it feels like I just got here! I am really proud to be able to look at my time here in Brewer and say I did my best and I can see the fruits of my labors here. I honestly wasn't a perfect missionary and I can think of a lot of ways I could have done better here but I did my best and will use those regrets to improve myself. Also, saying goodbye to the ward yesterday was the hardest but I know they will keep up the awesome job they are doing in keeping up the missionary work. 
But enough with the sad things, my last week in Brewer was honestly pretty great. The weather was literally everywhere though. Thursday Sister Daughety and I tracted a street that was honestly the most pleasant street with the most pleasant people we have ever tracted (no one was particularly interested but they were still really sweet!) and the weather as 50 degrees and sunny. PLEASANT WEATHER FOR A PLEASANT STREET IT WAS GREAT. We didn't have to wear coats that day which as a New England missionary is unusual. Of course Friday we woke up to a snowstorm and having our vehicle grounded and our appointments fall through because of the unsafe conditions but all our appointments rescheduled because they still wanted to see us. Brewer is so great. That meant Saturday we got to shovel a lot of our drive way, doorstops, and local members' doorstops which was pretty fun. Everything was fun, especially as I worked really hard to ignore transfer calls. 
And that leads us where we are today. I know I am going to Somersworth, New Hampshire (thus the title, the 'shire, compliments of a Brewer ward member) tomorrow to serve as junior companion under Sister DeWidt which I am really excited for. Honestly, I think the DeWidt and Wright families have been praying for us to serve together since I opened my transfer call almost a year ago. Two Arizona girls in a place that has the word "summer" (or at least sounds like summer)- sounds like this next transfer is going to be a blast. And I am totally going to miss Sister Daughety!! I honestly could not have asked for a better companion these last two transfers and I am really excited for her as she TRAINS (yes, Brewer is having a baby!!) and ah I just love Sister Daughety so much. I can't wait to see her and all my other missionary friends after the mission, it will just be so fun. So shout out to Sister Daughety and may she have an awesome last two transfers with her greenie! If only the Carolina Panthers had won last night, that would make our last Sunday together the best. Oh well.
Before I close this email I wanted to share that I had the opportunity this week at District meeting to share my testimony to close the meeting. The lesson was focused on member missionary work and helping members participate in the 2016 mission vision. I want you all to know I have a strong testimony of member missionary work. As a full time missionary we can only do so much as we try to contact people on the street or on their doors. As regular human beings and members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints there are so many more opportunities to share of the blessings the true church brings into your lives. I have seen the outcomes of member missionary work in my time in Brewer with Lynn. Sure, it took her six years but she had a friend that never gave up on here that entire time and helped her understand what it means to be a disciple of Christ. Miracles happen when members are involved in this work. I know that is true. May we all have a great upcoming week! 

Sister Wright

A couple of pictures of the snow on Friday

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