Monday, February 22, 2016

Welcome to "Swing" - February 22, 2016

"Apartment on a sunny day"

Hey friends and family! I bet you're all wondering what "Swing” is from the email title. I mean, I would be had I not invented the word. Well, Swing is what I like to call whatever this season I'm experiencing in New England is. It is a literal combination of the words "winter" and "spring" and since the temperatures seem to just "swing" back and for between 0 with a -31 windchill to 60 within a week, I'd say it's a pretty valid title. But seriously, the weather in New England is really the most unpredictable thing. I remember in September being told to worry about the winter as I was sure to drown in snow.... Maybe my Arizona-ness rubbed off here and I'm the reason winter was spoiled for New England this year. Overall I can't complain, swing is a wonderful season. But we all know I'm here for more than just the seasons, I'm here on the Lord's errand so I guess I'll share with you all some of my adventures doing that this week!
So this week Sister DeWidt and I made it a goal to work closely with members as per the mission vision and see who they knew that might be interested in learning more about the gospel. The result: 4 contacted referrals (a key indicator of progress we report weekly to our leaders) and 2 received referrals! That is a number you rarely see so high on this mission. The bad news is two of those "contacted" referrals weren't there, they had moved from the address we were given which was lame but we were diligent in finding them nonetheless! Definite points for effort!
This week we also picked up another opportunity for service. Out here a lot of the local and stake leaders are making a push to use which I have mentioned in the past is a great opportunity, if you remember, to just serve. We were challenged this week to go out and contact a food bank and see if they were open for us to serve there on Saturdays and they enthusiastically said yes! We even started helping out within a half hour of showing up! What was better was the people who we were working with began asking questions about missionary work pretty much immediately too so that was awesome.
Besides that the work is pretty slow going. It is definitely going, and going really well, the people we are working with are all pretty interested in what we have to offer which is great. I just really like it here in Somersworth. Sister DeWidt is awesome and we are getting creative in our finding ideas by planning a musical fireside for March on the Restoration. I know I saw a lot of success from that last transfer in Bangor and with a ward with so much musical talent we saw at the ward talent show Tuesday evening that we could combine those talents to help with missionary work. No word on if I'll be performing a musical number, I would honestly rather design the programs and handouts. So we'll keep you updated on that.
Also, as of today we have 40 days until the semi-annual Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints General Conference. If you all remember six months ago (wow, really that long ago? yes, really that long ago) I was way excited to hear from the living prophet and his apostles. We get to have that opportunity again in 40 days! What an awesome experience! I know I am preparing now by reading an October 2015 general conference talk a day (there's about 39 so you can get started tomorrow) and praying to have at least question answered in that inspired meeting. I know our Heavenly Father answers our prayers through those around us, especially His inspired leaders. Don't live below your privileges and prepare for conference now!
Well, we had a good week. When the temperatures creep up to 60 you can't complain much haha. Well may you all have a great upcoming week, use those talents, and get excited for conference!

Sister Wright

"Sunrise was too pretty to ignore"


"Putting this in the 'service' category because we got this when we served Saturday"

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