Monday, February 15, 2016

Lasagna Season - February 15, 2016

Hello and Happy Monday friends and family! Maybe someday I'll have a more interesting introduction to my emails but for now we're still at "Hello and Happy Monday". Actually, I guess I could have said "Happy Presidents Day and cheap-Valentines Candy day friends and family". Yeah, I kinda like that better. So happy those holidays friends and family.
                     This week was pretty great as far as first weeks in areas go. I have already learned and loved a lot about Somersworth and hopefully I'll have enough time and ability to share with you all my wonderful adventures this week! So without further ado, let's go!
                    So I got to Somersworth Tuesday morning, before lunch was even a thing. Don't ask about Monday, it was mostly last minute packing and crying. I still miss Brewer but Somersworth is already growing on me. I received Sister DeWidt (who only has two transfers left and she "killed" my trainer. I might avenge my mission mom's death here) and our little white 2013 Toyota Corolla, who we think we'll name Margaret. Guess who driving in the New England winter? Yep, my first week in Somersworth I've had to not only learn the area but relearn how to drive. Even though New England roads are nowhere near like the grid systems going on out west its still fairly easy to drive. It also hasn't been snowing while I've been here so the roads have been safe.
                    The first place we drove to was a second hand boutique in Somersworth (just over the river from our apartment. Fun fact: In my three areas there has always been a river to divide something. In Manchester the Merrimack divided our ward from the Bedford ward, in Brewer the Penobscot divided our area from the Elders' area and Bangor from Brewer, here the Salmon Falls divides Maine from New Hampshire). We also help with the boutiques sister exchange/clothes closet store on our side of the river at a local church on Wednesdays. We already do a lot more service down here than in Brewer but that's because Brewer was still so new.
                    Speaking of old areas, we also have an older apartment. It's weird to go from an apartment where everything in it was either yours or your companions to finding random things like a sewing machine in the closet. Fun fun. Well, I guess to address the email title, I feel like in New England there is a definitely Lasagna season which starts in January and right now has an indefinite end. I know in the Brewer ward they were having a Lasagna bake off in March and here I've already had two lasagna dinners. Sister DeWidt's theory is it came about because lasagna is a hearty, warm meal which is definitely necessary at this cold time of year.
                    SPEAKING OF COLD I survived negative degree weather this weekend. That was the weirdest sensation ever. So Saturday and Sunday the world decided to get really cold, like -8 F plus wind chill to -30's. Luckily we have Margaret all to ourselves (first non-car share area yay!) and we ran between her and the apartment and church. Winter is crazy.
                    Well, I guess to wrap this up, I'm already really enjoying Somersworth. Because I've learned not to questions Heavenly Father's will I've already seen many reasons why I was called to Somersworth. The ward here is great and Sister DeWidt is awesome. I've meet people contacting that I've been able to give the Brewer Sisters' number to, that was a cool opportunity. I have already learned a lot and I can't wait to learn more while in not-Summer-y-now-sworth. May we all continue to progress and learn!
Sister Wright

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