Tuesday, May 10, 2016

13 Weeks of Somer - May 9, 2016

A final goodbye to Sister DeWidt, at least until after the mission

        Hello and happy Monday friends and family. You will probably be relieved to hear this week was a lot less stressful as last week. Well, at least in the sense that the plumbing worked and we didn't have to seek refuge elsewhere. It was still pretty crazy considering SISTER DEWIDT GOES HOME THIS WEEK! Ah! This is such a crazy time for her and me. I have three former companions going home at once: Sister Harward, Sister Daughety, and Sister DeWidt. I'm way sad I won't see them around the mission anymore but I will email them and will be able to keep up with them on a weekly basis so I can't complain much. And you all were such wonderful companions and will do awesome things in the world! Go forth and conquer!
                    In other news, Sister DeWidt's last week was full of tiny miracles. We got in contact both over the phone and personally with people weren't able to contact for forever, we had six appointments in one day, we even had May the Fourth and Cinco de Mayo! Needless to say, we made this week fun. May the Fourth we brought Blue Milk (for all you Star Wars and Kid History fans you need to see their Cantina Video to get this) and Sister DeWidt wore her hair in Leia buns. You gotta make the mission fun, especially on a fandom day! We actually had enchiladas and tacos for meals on May the Fourth but nothing Mexican themed on the fifth. Yes, not even Dos Amigos. (We actually avoided Dover on the fifth, Dover is a party town for UNH). But things are progressing fairly well here in Somersworth. Our investigator, Allen, who came to church last week came again this week so that was exciting. He really is a major blessing in our lives considering he self referred himself on Mormon.org. He is so prepared! Him and the six lessons we had on Thursday reminded us that we are furthering the Lord's work here, whether our numbers reflect it or not. And we left some great people in the hands of two new sisters. Yes, not only is Sister DeWidt leaving but I am leaving for Saco, Maine, to follow up train Sister Ritchie. I will be her second companion after six weeks of her being in the field. In missionary lingo I will be her "step mother", which I think is funny considering I'm basing my mission off Cinderella and here I am going to be a step mom. And this makes my second "shot gun" out of an area. But I'm excited to go to Saco! I have learned a lot these last thirteen weeks that will definitely help me as I train. But for now I must pack aka panic for my next adventure! May you all have a blessed week! And in the words of my trainer (for May the Fourth) May the Holy Ghost be with you, always.
Sister Wright

I couldn't resist adding in pictures from our "FaceTime" on Mother's Day

"Inca Kola! A Peruvian special"

"We had BLUE MILK on May the Fourth"

"And yet another photo of my favorite food. I made a bread bowl"

"Transfer #7 planner"

"Back of small PMG"

A lighthouse in Saco, Maine

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