Monday, May 23, 2016

May I Please Have A Normal Week? - May 23, 2016

Sister Wright reunited with her MTC companions-L-R Sisters Rogerson, Dickson, Watson, and Wright

                    Hello friends and family and brace yourselves for another wild week in the life of Sister Wright. No fish heads or shot guns (when both companions leave the area) this week but we do get a guest appearance by an apostle of the Lord so here we go!
                    So last Monday was pretty great, we didn't get to the beach yet but we got a lot of cleaning and organizing of the apartment done. We also had a cool member meal, well, scratch that, it WAS cool. Until one of the kids completely and unapologetically spoiled the Force Awakens for me. As anyone who knows me about spoilers could have guessed, I was mentally broken for a good five minutes and just sat there eating dinner in silence for five minutes. The mom noticed and wasn't too happy about the situation but still. Not cool kid.
                    Tuesday we did service downtown in a place called Heart of Biddeford. Going to be honest, I don't really know what they do but they let us help out so that's good. The last two weeks we have gone we have decorated their windows, both painting them and putting decorations. It really lets me use my creative/design side so yeah, might be my favorite service opportunity. Maybe soon I'll get pictures of my window display....
                    Tuesday we also went on exchange in Yarmouth with the Sister Training Leaders, Sisters Bishop and Payne. Sister Bishop was my companion for the exchange and we basically make an awesome companionship. We also spent 50% of the time talking about her trainer and my former companion Sister Harward but she also was just an awesome missionary example to me. All four of us had a lot of fun doing service by raking A TON of leaves and avoiding ticks. Wednesday morning we rewatched the Worldwide Missionary Training from January with them. While Sisters Payne and Ritchie went to a member lunch Sister Bishop and I planned on taking our time during lunch hour. Until a member called and said their lesson with the friend had to be right then instead of later in the day as planned. So Sister Bishop and I skipped lunch, tossed on make-up, and jumped in the car to the appointment. It went really well despite the craziness of the situation. We also had a tick crawl across the dashboard while we were in the car so basically Sister Bishop and I bonded really quickly trying to kill that thing.
                    That was really the most exciting part of Wednesday and Thursday was relatively calm. All our appointments fell through which is always tough but we pushed through and actually ran into one of the people we have been teaching so go perseverance blessings!
                    Friday. Oh Friday. Friday was weekly planning followed by lunch with some members at a cute little restaurant called All Day Breakfast. Did I order breakfast? No. Should I have ordered breakfast? Probably. Why? Because something in my lunch was touched by Satan trying to keep me from meeting an apostle of the Lord in the form of food poisoning. So yeah, Friday night, 2 am (Saturday morning), party in the Saco apartment. But like we learned Thursday YOU PERSEVERE. Even though I was dead tired I picked myself up Saturday morning and drove two hours to Concord, NH. And Concord is where we had a three hour mission conference with Elder Rasband. His grandson actually was in my flight group out here. And in all sincerity from Elder Rasband, he had the assignment to come to Concord stake conference before his grandson was assigned to serve here, before he was ever called as one of the 12 Apostles. It was such an amazing opportunity I knew the adversary worked really hard to try to keep me from experiencing. He told us later that when he shook our hands he didn't look at our name tags but in our eyes and that it helped him see into our soul. He also trained us on how to be sweetly bold (in my opinion, like a BBQ sauce) and that we need not have anxieties while serving our missions. I wish I could condense my 3+ pages of notes into this email but I’ll just have to disperse the wisdom as time gets on. And Saturday evening we crashed because, again, party at 2 am.
                    But now we are back to Monday. If we get time Sister Ritchie and I might get ice cream in Old Orchard Beach before the tourists start to take over. This week was crazy but I've learned the craziest weeks aren't only the most memorable but also the weeks you grow and learn the most. May we all have a great and memorable next week!
Sister Wright
And congratulations to my cousin Caroline! Wish I could have come for the wedding but I enjoyed all the photos. And congrats to my brother for finishing high school! You walk at graduation like Luke Skywalker walks at the end of A New Hope!

"Looking thug at mission conference"

"The Saco Chapel is way pretty"

New Hampshire Manchester Mission with Elder Rasband and Elder Bragg

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