Monday, May 30, 2016

Rain on the Parade and Other Adventures - May 30, 2016

                   "Couple of Beach Biscuits" (See the pictures below for the explanation)           

                     Happy Memorial Day friends and family! I trust you all had a good, safe week either participating in graduations (congratulations siblings!) or just by wrapping up school or the spring in general. I hope we take at least a moment today to remember the sacrifice made by those who love our country before we dig into our BBQ's and pools.
                    Sister Ritchie and I actually helped this morning with and watched a Memorial Day Ceremony for Biddeford and Saco (it was supposed to be a parade but it was cancelled due to the rainy weather, hence the title) and something that really struck me was the Master of Ceremonies welcomed everyone "...not as citizens of cities, of Maine or New England, but as citizens of this country that we are blessed to be in." I really appreciated that because obviously I'm not from Maine but on this day we remember the sacrifice of those who gave their lives so we could be where we are right now, even so I could be on this mission. The ceremony also reminded me that because of them we have the freedom to worship, because of them we have the freedom to serve. How great it is to be a part of God's army right now! All I want to say about today is Onward Christian Soldiers!
                    Well, that was just today's highlight. Due to the rainy weather and Zone & District P-Days coming up today's P-Day will probably be pretty mellow. LAST WEEK THOUGH Sister Ritchie and I went to Old Orchard Beach! We did all the other P-Day stuff as quickly as we could so we could head to the beach and spend what time we could there. While in Biddeford as we were entering our car a family (that you could tell didn't know English very well) stopped us and asked if we could help them get to Old Orchard. It was really serendipitous because that was when we were heading out there ourselves. So we said sure, and lead them to the beach until we pulled off for ice cream. When we ourselves got to the beach we saw them and they came up and told us they were so grateful for helping them, they didn't realize how lost they were haha! It was such a cool experience to help someone get to where they want to go, with their family mind you. It's almost like it’s something I strive to do every day...
                    Tuesday a member took us to lunch to a Chinese buffet. As much as I loved the Chinese buffet in my last area this buffet... It was easily 3 times as big with a lot more options. Not necessarily better food quality but still delicious. And while we weren't eating we spent a lot of the day hunting for people because our plans had fallen through. We eventually got to the last name with a lot of hope at least someone would answer, and someone did! She was super sweet and was really confused who we were at first but as we shared the Book of Mormon with her she became more interested! That was such a testimony builder to me that you don't give up!
                    Wednesday was District Meeting and Coordination, followed by Thursday which was filled with more appointments falling through! We are getting really good at using back up plans, let me tell you.
                    Friday was busy with weekly planning, service with a member, and a meal appointment. We remembered we had a gift card for a local pizza place so we decided on a Friday night to drive down and pick some up. The Challenge: The closest available spot was a parallel parking spot. You'd think I would just naturally pick up that skill after living in New England for 10 months, but I guess it isn't transferred by osmosis. And earlier in the week I had totally botched parallel parking in front of the library but this time pizza was on the line. So Sister Ritchie coached me and I was able to do it after like two minutes! Now we had even more reason to get that pizza.
                    Saturday was the epitome of "Warm before the storm". The temperatures reached up to 92 plus humidity and of course our plans fell through, even our regular service opportunity. So when members asked Sunday how we survived Saturday I told them I truly have no idea!
                    And yesterday was Sunday.... Oh Sunday... We had a really nice sacrament meeting and church service. Third hour the Primary President had us missionaries come in to act Scripture heroes. Let me tell you, I make a pretty cool Enos by just sitting and praying for a long time. And then we did service at a nearby assisted living home. We work with a man who is a big Star Wars fan and I unfortunately came to the area when he got his copy of The Force Awakens. Remember last week when I had one spoiler given to me by a kid at a meal appointment? I wish that only happened. Instead of the one NOW IN RETROSPECT minor spoiler, I basically got the whole synopsis of the movie.... And died even more inside... Sister Ritchie felt pretty bad and told me there was still some surprises he didn't mention. Some, but not many left. So yeah, I guess I don't need to get too excited for the Force Awakens anymore.
                    But as I said, I hope you all have a good Memorial Day and good upcoming week. I love and miss you all! I can't believe we are going into June! 10 days to 20! Have an awesome week!
Sister Wright

See last week's post about Sister Wright's volunteer work at Heart of Biddeford. She says, "Sister Ritchie's window." 

"My lobster I painted"

"My entire window. It was good I grabbed the pics when I did, they were gone by Saturday."

"There's a theatre by Heart of Biddeford, which isn't safe for me" (Sister Wright loves to go to the theatre)

"Cool mural in downtown Biddeford"

"View looking towards the ocean BLOCKED BY A TRAIN"

 "Poutine because Canada"

"Hipster antique bug"

"Welcome to Old Orchard"

"Ah, the Atlantic"


"Panorama because we totally already looked like tourists"

"Fielder's Choice Beach Biscuit (three baseball size scoops of ice cream between two cookies). Best thing to eat on the beach"

"Made it to the beach!"

"Comp Selfie"

"For Mom"

Sister Ritchie "The best part about this photo is the total Sasquatch photo bomb?"

"Did I mention I love New England?"

"The glorious pizza I successfully parallel parked for"

"Still OCD about the odometer"

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