Tuesday, August 25, 2015

First Transfer DONE - August 24, 2015

I saw this picture on Facebook this morning (Aug 25) and had to post it. It's at transfer meeting. I'm guessing we'll hear about that in next week's letter.

Here we are, another week down and one transfer done. I can't believe how much I have grown in this short amount of six weeks but I can definitely see a difference in myself physically, spiritually, and emotionally. One thing that definitely proved to me that I have grown is the success of my first exchange, what I like to call "The Canterbury Tales". I'm not going to lie, I was really anxious about my first exchange, worried that it would be too much change too soon and it would drive my anxiety insane and be bad for me and my temporary companion. But before the exchange I prayed a lot that things would go well and that I could have the strength to rely on the Spirit when I needed to and luckily everything went well. The evening I was there to extend a baptismal date to an investigator in the Canterbury sister's (sister training leader's) area which was an awesome miracle! I also caught myself constantly thinking of the people in Manchester that Sister Banda would be able to see while I was in Canterbury. That was a miracle because I have spent most of these past six weeks wondering if I could ever get my heart with me here with me in the mission instead of just in Arizona and partially Provo, but missing Manch proved to me that I have! (Do not worry everyone in Arizona and Provo and other parts of the country/world, I miss you as well and my heart is still there as well)

Crazy experience for Sister Banda and I Saturday though! So on our way to an area we had picked for some tracting before we had an appointment at 4 I dropped the phone in the car and innocently thought it just fell under the driver's seat or just between the driver's seat and "mission control". So when we stopped to park and just grab the phone, we didn't see it there. So we looked under the floor mats: no phone. Under the seat itself: no phone. We spent a good 40 minutes searching for the phone and could not see it. We even were in a grocery store parking lot and asked a lady to call it so we could make sure it was still in the car which it was, but for the life of us we could not see or feel this phone. Multiple prayers were given and it reached the time when we had our next appointment at 4 so we had to drop the phone search and go there (That appointment actually went really well! The sister we were talking to said she really didn't have a lot of questions besides wondering what exactly we do as missionaries but we ended up being there an hour teaching about the Restoration and some of the Plan of Salvation). After the appointment we spent another hour digging for the phone in our apartment parking lot with still no luck. Using the car's blu-tooth we were able to call the mission "Car Czar" Elder Adams (because we knew the phone was IN THE CAR) and let him know of our problem and see if he had any solutions. He said we our on a top five list for most creative car problems. We called our District leader to let him know we were safe but sans phone. The icing on the cake: Saturday night was transfer calls night. (Another side story: Between the two of us, Sister Banda and I have had three dreams telling us that Sister Banda would be leaving this next transfer. We even talked to President Stoker about it during interviews and he told us he probably wouldn't do that which calmed our fears a bit but when Sister Banda had another dream about it this last week we were still just as worried). So we spent all of Saturday night without our phone, no idea whether Sister Banda would still be my trainer, and just exhausted and frustrated. Yes, I know, it is just a phone, but it was holding some pretty important information from us. Of course once we picked up the elders for church the next day they find it under a minute. That was also frustrating. But what I learned is all of the precious resources the Lord has given us, even the phone, can be taken away from us. It's His work and His tools so He is in charge of them and when we should use them, even when it is seemingly most inconvenient.

Good news out of all of that though: Sister Banda is staying in Manch and finishing training me! Hooray, tender mercy! I honestly could not ask for a better trainer! 
Well I hope everyone else is having a good week, blessed by the Spirit, and seeing how our trials can strengthen us. Always pray for strength and hold on to your phones!
-Sister Wright

Some rainbow pictures she sent this week

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