Monday, August 10, 2015

Obedience Brings Miracles - August 10, 2015

Mom note: Priscilla finally sent pictures this week. This shot is of Priscilla and her trainer, Sister Banda. Feel free to look back on older posts because I added some pictures there too.

     Wow this week was super busy but that's always good as a missionary! We definitely saw miracles as we were guided by the Spirit in what to plan for, who to talk to, and where to go. This week we made a big effort to reach out to Less-Active members (people who are still technically members of church but do not attend anymore) and that was definitely prompted by the Spirit because as we worked towards that goal we had so many opportunities fall into our lap, especially Tuesday.
     Tuesday evening Sister Banda and I just couldn't stop expressing our thanks to Heavenly Father. Our first big miracle was running into a less active sister right before she said she was leaving. We were able to enter her apartment right as a massive thunderstorm raged on outside. Seriously, as we looked out the window during the middle of the meeting I could not see the building across the street, it was coming down that hard. So Sister Banda and I accepted that as a tender mercy, to be safe from the storm and find someone to talk to. But that's so not all. We tracked a smaller street (which I have frequently mentioned scares me) and I fervently prayed that I would know that what we are doing is the Lords work and sure enough everyone who answered the door, whether they were interested or not, told us to keep up the good work and they respected what we were doing. Check,one more small blessing. Then we went to reach out to another less active sister. She was less than thrilled when we knocked on her door and even told us to leave before she offered us some water before we left and next thing we knew she was making us pancakes. Wow! Sister Banda and I figured that was it. But Heavenly Father had one last crazy miracle for us. After dinner we went to the church building to get wifi to update some stuff and Bishop saw us and offered to take us out to ice cream as a treat. I figured why not, we deserved it. So we meet Bishop at the ice cream place and who do we see there but a referral we had made contact with a few weeks ago and she recognized us and was so excited! Crazier than that: She mentioned she wanted to come to church on Sunday! What even?! Sister Banda and I couldn't believe it! How many miracles in just one day! All I could say in my prayers was how thankful I was and that I don't ever need another day that good again, I just needed to continue to have the strength to be a strong missionary. But wow so many blessings!
     Wednesday for lunch a member threw me a greenie party with all green table stuff, green Hawaiian punch, and all green food like chicken salad on lettuce with green grapes and mint brownies (half not mint which was good) and key lime pie! So good! The ward definitely spoils us here. I've been feed so much and always end the meals with ice cream! Sister Banda says it's one of the benefits of serving in New England haha Friday we had Zone Interviews with President Stoker which was really nice. The Zone Meeting itself was really nice because we got to spend time with fellow missionaries and just feel united with people going through the same experiences with you. Plus we got pumped for our zone P-Day which was today! We went bowling and I at least wasn't the worst bowler the second game! Improvement is key as a missionary. We also went to the Red Arrow diner, a popular little place in Downtown Manchester that a lot of famous people go to. I sat where Adam Sandler (Manchester's hometown boy) sat so that was fun. And the food was pretty good too. Good times with fellow missionaries!
     Well I hope everyone is having a good time wherever they are. Sometimes it's hard to remember I'm all the way across the country because I always can feel the support from home. May we all be blessed by the guidance of the Spirit!
-Sister Wright

Here are some pictures she sent:

Zone Training Day

Sister Wright is the "W" on the scoreboard

A selfie she tried to take with Sister Banda

The door of the Red Arrow Diner

Her seat where Adam Sandler sat

Other random pictures sent this week:
"Sister Banda has a Dark Wing Duck key chain. I want someone from Disney Club to share so they can see I am doing Disney things on the mish"

"Churches down the street from the library we usually go to"

"This is the duct tape that decorates our table in our apartment. Elders lived there before Sisters"

 "Sister Banda as a good Jedi master gave me a light saber"

"I bought live action Cinderella stickers and put this one on the iPad. I figured it isn't too apostate because it fits with my mission statement" (Have courage and Be kind)

"I decorated my planner to be green like everything else in my life right now"

"Cool looking older statue I figured Dad would enjoy"

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