Wednesday, August 19, 2015

One Month In - August 18, 2015

L-R Sisters Keown, Hamilton, Wright, and Banda
Wow I've been in the field one month already?? Only 17 more to go?
Time has definitely flown. And if there's one think I would like to 
say I've learned in this one month of service its that missionary work 
is HARD. I remember being home and having the missionaries over to eat 
and seeing them around and they just made it look like no big deal. 
After a month of wearing the black name tag in the Queen City 
(Manchester) I can definitely tell you we as missionaries may LOOK 
like we have it all together but inside we are definitely stressed or 
scared or worried. Is that a bad thing? No! There's definitely no 
other way you can grow unless you get uncomfortable as I've talked 
about before. 
Well, enough trying to sound all profound. I'll tell you about some 
crazy experiences we've had here in Manch. Well Tuesday it was dark 
and stormy all day long. It was a nice change but I think it was a 
nice change and really cooled things off. The crazy part was Saturday 
it was bright and sunny in the morning, became a little more overcast 
by the afternoon and after we ran into a less active sister it was 
POURING rain and Sister Banda and I had to run down the street in this 
rain to get to the car. That was crazy because we got completely 
soaked in just the minute or two we were outside but it was funny. 
Crazy New England weather! 
Sister Banda and I found out we have more geographically to our area 
then we originally thought so yesterday (Monday) we decided to explore 
it and realized that part of the area contains a popular ice cream 
joint we've heard a lot about so as a proselyting effort we decided to 
stop. Our plan was to talk to locals, see what their favorite flavor 
were, get to know them, and it was working really well with this one 
gentleman that was really friendly to us. Turns out he was a Jehovah's 
Witness from the Kingdom Hall next door haha. He was doing the same 
thing we were doing, haha! So he was really nice and asked us about 
our missions and hopefully we softened his heart about the church. And 
the ice cream place had graham cracker ice cream! Of course we had to 
check it out and see if it was anywhere close to BYU Graham Canyon. It 
was close, but not quite there. 
We also have a sister we have been teaching that we found through a 
mysterious referral. Her name came to us from the Manchester Elders 
because she is in our area but besides that no one really knows where 
the referral came from. But she is super awesome! She loves us, the 
sisters, and jokes she's adopted us because she does things for us 
like come to church and take us out to lunch on Saturday. She swears 
she won't convert but we'll see what Sister Banda and I can do about 
Speaking of Sister Banda, today is her birthday! This morning we were 
able to drive down to the Boston temple which was super fun! The 
Boston temple is so pretty and Sister Banda says this is the best 
birthday she's had which makes me feel special. The big 2-1! 
So I guess I'll sign off for now but I just want to say while even 
though this mission has been a challenge, it has brought so many 
blessings and I wouldn't trade this past month and a half for 
anything. May everyone have a good and safe week! 
-Sister Wright 
Here are some other pictures Sister Wright sent home this week:

    A little bit of Arizona in New Hampshire 
Why is there are Tardis on the front porch?
For the High School Musical Fans
And for the Star Wars geeks out there

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