Monday, August 31, 2015

Not the Greenest - August 31, 2015

Our Bishop posted this on Facebook today. Totally sums up how Priscilla and I feel!-Mom

Good Missionary Monday everybody! As always, thanks for your emails and support through prayers! I honestly would not have made it this far without everyone's love and support. This past week has felt fairly long, at least it has compared to previous weeks. I also feel like this past week hasn't been that exciting and I'm wondering if I'm just getting used to some of the madness that missionary work entails. Maybe you guys can let me know.
Well Monday for P-Day we went to the local art museum in Manchester. There was a lot of artwork that I really enjoyed and some pieces that I would ask Sister Banda if she understood and she would just shake her head. Some modern art pieces can get weird man. But overall it was really fun, especially since we came with a sister in the ward who spends a lot of time at the museum so she was able to tell us a lot about some of the pieces which was helpful.
Tuesday was transfer meetings day and yes Sister Banda and I went because the Elders (who we are in a car share with/we kinda chauffeur) needed a ride so there we were. It also made official that I was no longer the "greenest" in the district; there is a newer sister training in Bedford. Speaking of our district, Sister Banda and I are the only companionship that didn't change so for the next six weeks I get to meet a bunch of new missionary friends. Yay!
Things weren't very exciting for most of the rest of the week after that. Sister Banda and I do service weekly at a food pantry here in Manch and have done an assortment of odd jobs in the pantry like organize clothes to be distributed to people or help organize the pantry itself (I was wondering why we were doing so well on that job and then I remembered: Food Storage). Our job this week was taking 12 "k-cup"s of coffee and opening them up and dumping them into plastic bags to be used as pots of coffee because not everyone has a Keurig coffee dispenser. Sister Banda and I could just laugh about how they put the Mormon missionaries in charge of that job. We really wanted to get some Word of Wisdom pamphlets and slip those into the boxes we were filling with coffee bags. It also solidified the fact that I do not enjoy the smell of coffee. At all. Glad I naturally avoid that temptation.
Another crazy thing Sister Banda and I did on Saturday was attend a local Greek Orthodox church's Greek-fest, partially because we needed to use the restroom, partially because Sister Banda had never tried Greek food so I forced her to try baklava. That was definitely an adventure because at first I was scared that people would see our name tags and brush us out as soon as possible but people were just normal people with us. I think maybe people there needed to see that we enjoy good food too. Plus Sister Banda liked the baklava.
On to the more spiritual side of things I guess, this week I saw a miracle when we went tracting. It was on a street that we have no record has ever been tracted and were prompted by the Spirit one evening to try it out with our last amount of proselyting time we had in the day so we did despite my fear to do so. Most of the people were nice but uninterested, until we reached one house that a neighbor had half-heartedly waved to when we asked if he knew anyone who could use an uplifting message. A mom who was in the middle of making dinner answered the door and when we explained who we were she let us in so we could tell her more (at this point in my mind I was going !!?!?!). We sat down at her table and gave her a brief overview of the Restoration which she said made sense. She took a Book of Mormon and we were able to set up an appointment to meet with her again. When Sister Banda and I went into the car all we could say was "wow". Wow, her heart was prepared to at least hear about the gospel. Wow, she was willing to let us in. Just wow.
I know Heavenly Father is preparing hearts for the gospel out there. He has given us so many opportunities to reach out to them and testify of the blessings they can receive by just coming unto Christ. One big way Heavenly Father gives us to reach out to the world and testify of Christ is General Conference, which I am really excited for. I have been reading a conference talk every day for the 40 days before the October session and it is awesome to read of the testimonies of some of God's chosen witnesses and know that Heavenly Father loves us enough to give us living prophets. I would ask all of you to prepare for General Conference, maybe with a question in mind and praying for and answer or just by reading some of your old favorite conference talks. I know Heavenly Father answers questions and true prophecies are made during those sessions so be prepared to receive all the blessings!

Love, Sister Wright

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