Saturday, July 16, 2016

Oh Thank Heaven! - July 11, 2016

 "Because 7-11"

         Hello and happy Monday friends and family. I hope you all have enjoyed your free small Slurpee from 7-11. I saw they have a Birthday Cake favored Slurpee for the fiftieth celebration so if that is something that interests you, go for it. I got the Sour Patch Kids Redberry Slurpee and it freakishly tastes just like a Sour Patch Kid. 10 points to 7-11.
         Anyway, I did do missionary things this last week. And I did good missionary things like service, and then getting featured in a local newspaper for service. And met the mission president. And played softball. So, ultimately, a fairly interesting week.
         Last week on Monday after emails and grocery shopping Sister Ritchie and I did some fun shopping at Mardens. For all you non-Mainers, you are missing out, Mardens is the coolest and best for cheap, nice clothes. I got three tops that all work pretty well for missionarying. I'm sure you all care. What's more important is I got to play softball a bit with a member family and I was so happy. I haven't thrown a ball around in a year (since the MTC) and it was nice to just play around a bit. Great way to celebrate America!
         Tuesday we started the day with service for Heart of Biddeford where they had us go and water the flowers in Downtown Biddeford again. Sister Ritchie didn't hurt herself but a man from the Journal Tribune was walking around and saw us and came over, and told us "I was told to go find interesting things around town and this is interesting." No kidding, its two girls in skirts with a giant wagon of a water contraption. Totally interesting. So we explained who we are, what we were doing, and assumed he'd find something cooler by the end of the day. Flash forward to Thursday, we are out tracting and we invite this one lady who isn't interested but does a double take and goes "I think I saw you on the newspaper". Huh? So she goes in, pulls out a newspaper, and there we are, front page, color photo. Us. It was crazy! And then on Saturday the pastor of the church where we do service put the photo on the bulletin board. So yeah, we are popular. What's craziest is it happened an exact year after I met Stephanie Nielson. So July 5 is the day for Sister Wright to be famous I guess.
         On Thursday we met President Blair and he is awesome. He worked for Nestle Purina and his personality is so energetic that I really want to call him Willy Wonka. He brought us chocolate and everything. He also came to Saco Ward as the first ward in his trip to see all the wards. The ward really enjoyed him and his family too. So good times.
         Sorry this week is kinda sparse. Zone P-Day kinda wore me out but it's been fun playing ultimate frisbee at the Portland Headlight. Still working on finding people to teach but tis the season really. I hope you all have a good upcoming week and love and miss you all!
Sister Wright 
"And yes, President Blair brought chocolate"

"We are newspaper famous"

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