Monday, July 25, 2016

Two Little Caesar's Pizzas...! - July 25, 2016

                    Hello and Happy Monday Friends and Family! Sister Ritchie just gave me a hug from her family because they think we are doing a great work here. I like to think we are too. Being in Saco is going pretty great. In honesty, last week was kinda a blur. We had district P-Day, Zone Interviews, and exchanges. So we were pretty scattered around southern Maine this week. But it was all good. And like the title indicates, we ended up with two Little Caesars pizzas by the end of the week so that's a win for any college age person.
                    Like I said, Monday was District P-Day in Windham. Well, mostly. Sister Ritchie and I originally weren't planning on going but we made time to go last minute, unannounced to us that it was cancelled. Luckily the Cornish elders were with the Windham elders so when we called at the Windham chapel they left Wal-Mart and met us at the chapel with a Little Caesars pizza for lunch (which we paid them back for) and the coolest Nerf war ever. It's always fun to pelt your mission leaders with Nerf bullets. Sister Ritchie and I held our own pretty well, I mean, I hit a lot of elders in the head. So good times.
                    Tuesday and Wednesday were normal missionary days. One cool highlight was we were out Tuesday morning and we talked to guy sitting outside and we asked if he believed in Christ and he said yes. We told him how the Book of Mormon is another Testament of Christ and we gave him a copy and before we said anything else he said he would read it. Missionary win! But that night the members that were signed up to feed us forgot! So they went out and got us, you guessed it, a Little Caesar's pizza. And crazy bread. Can't complain much.
                    Wednesday we caught a former investigator we hadn't been able to catch my entire time here so little blessings.
                    Thursday was zone interviews in Portland. As always they went long so my interview went a little into lunch hour. And President and Sister Blair have had a lot on their plates with sick missionaries going home and other general mission crises so interviews were really kinda hectic. But we had an awesome training from the zone leaders about being yourself but a missionary and why we need to get along as companions. And that evening we had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders where I received Sister Rogerson to be in Saco. So Sister Rogerson came out with me and we were even in the same MTC room so we had a lot of fun catching up and talking about our missions so far.
                    Friday Sister Rogerson and I hit Saco hard with the gospel. Everyone we saw we talked to. What was funny was the first guy we saw (who we could tell was joking around) ran away once he saw Sister Rogerson trying to hand him a Book of Mormon. Like, literally ran. It was hilarious. But everyone else we talked to, whether they were interested or not, was pretty sweet and we were able to leave them with something to learn from. I even gave a Book of Mormon and testified to someone who said they were atheist. It was a great time.
                    We had our usual Friday lunch with the Walkes but this time we had it at their old beach cottage where Buffles (remember, she is 107) would spend her summers growing up. We had lobster rolls, ice cream, and just too much fun on the beach. Did I mention I serve near a beach? Yeah, Saco is pretty cool.
                    Compared to that, the rest of our weekend was pretty boring. We did a lot of weekly planning, helped at the food pantry in Arundel, and avoided a storm that apparently was having quarter size hail hitting a lot of southern Maine. But not Saco! We just got scattered showers. And yesterday I totally forgot was Pioneer Day. No one did anything related to it at church so sorry if you're expecting a cool story for that...
                    So that was the week of the Saco 2 area. I hope your week was pretty great and are enjoying the summer. I love and miss you all and pray you have a good upcoming week!
Sister Wright
On the beach with sister Rogerson

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