Monday, August 1, 2016

Death-Con 10 - August 1, 2016

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                   Hello and Happy Monday Family and Friends from Saco, ME. This week has concluded week 12 since I arrived in Saco and all I can say is boy has it been an adventure. From follow-up training to beach days and all the missionary work in between, it's been crazy. And it's about to get even crazier because transfers are happening! Today we officially start my tenth transfer which in and of itself is crazy. Sister Ritchie is leaving Saco and going to Farmingdale and I will receive Farmingdale's baby, Sister Mann tomorrow morning. Not only do I get a new junior companion but Saco 2 is also switching apartments with Saco 1 and that will also be happening tomorrow. Anyone who knows me knows I hate packing so this moving situation is not my speed. But it will be incredibly beneficial in the long run so I'll stop complaining.
                    This last week has been stressful. To put it in a nutshell: We had worries that with the net loss of missionaries in the NHMM we (Saco 2) would be closed. I was living under this stress for most of last week and was honestly terrified of having to move not only my stuff but an entire apartment worth of stuff. And an area losing sisters, that would be sad too. But Friday we had confirmation that Saco 2 was not closing and we are so excited to continue to serve people here!
                    Oh and this last week was ridiculously hot. Like, we were told at Heart of Biddeford Tuesday that would be the hottest day of the week but honestly till Friday it was 80+ degrees with 80%+ humidity. Super. Gross. Luckily everyone is praying the rain in Maine falls mainly in the plains because we're in a drought and the crops need help.
                    Amongst the stress we spent a lot of time finding because even if we personally weren't here, it is still our purpose to teach people so we were out. And while doing that we found a lot of success. Not necessarily new investigators but a lot of nice people were interested in taking copies of the Book of Mormon. One particular instance was on Saturday where we had just tracted into this guy who saw us holding the Book of Mormon and immediately wanted nothing to do with us. And it honestly kind of shook me and I didn't want to keep tracting but we did and I kept saying in my head "Expect miracles. The next house we go to you will teach the whole family". And that didn't happen but it came pretty dang close. We saw they were having a family party in the backyard and the mom opened the door and I expected her to say "Sorry, we are too busy." No, she stayed in the doorway and we testified to her about the Book of Moron and how it blesses families. She willingly took a copy and said she would read while she was on vacation this week! Woo miracles!
                    Something that also always warms the nooks and crannies of my heart is whenever you knock on a door (be it member or not) as a missionary and they answer to say "I was just thinking about you" or "I was just praying" and knowing that you as the Lord's representative were sent to that person. I love those moments because they have happened to me a lot on my mission. This week it happened when we randomly decided to stop by a less active to see her before the swap and she answered to say "I've been thinking of you girls all day". That statement itself would have been great but then as we went in to sit down we found out her and her mom had just finished dinner and her mom (who isn't a member) asked if we had had supper yet. We honestly replied "No" and next thing you know they're serving us dinner. And they were so excited to do it too! Honestly, miracles happen every day if you believe they will.
                    And Friday we stopped by Dunkin Donuts to grab wifi and as we were standing a Canadian couple came up to us and asked what we knew about Mormons. By our shocked faces they could tell we weren't like Utah missionaries that are approached by members 24/7 so the wife said "Oh don't worry, we're members", asked where we are from, and honestly just made us smile. Thanks Canadian members!
                    Besides that, not much to report this week. I'm mostly not trying to panic a the fact I'm now 13 months in as of today. Mostly trying not to panic in general. But I hope you all had a pretty good week. I love and miss you all and hope you have an even better week coming up here!

Sister Wright
"From that one week we drove out to Kennebunkport"

"WinCo District photo. Elder Sander's mom (Elder from Chandler. Went to Dobson High) sent the straws for his birthday and wanted a district photo with them

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