Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Now We're Secret Agents - August 22, 2016

 Sister Wright didn't send me a picture of herself this week. But she did send a video. I managed to grab a screen shot from it!

                  Hello and happy Monday friends and family and citizens of the world. It's time again to hear from your favorite Sisters in Saco, Sister Mann and Sister Wright. This week in review: We honestly don't know what we did that was that exciting. I mean, the week started off with District P-Day in Windham with another Nerf War. That was exciting. Even though my team didn't win like ever... But the Sisters v. Elders round was pretty exciting. Sister Guest from Cornish 2 got pretty close to beating all the elders so shout out to her. But yeah, besides that, Sister Mann and I pretty used to serving in actual Saco and Old
Orchard Beach now. And now we are secret agent spies.
                    Let me explain: Although this wasn't the first time that this has happened to me it was for Sister Mann. But we were basically scoping out this building for a potential investigator and were trying all the doors around it considering it was an apartment complex. Long story short we did find a door that would open so we went in and started hunting around inside the building for the number the person lived at (if you aren't playing the Mission: Impossible theme music through your head right now you are missing out). We find the apartment door but then realize we probably aren't supposed to be in the building anyway because the door we found to get in was open but the handle was locked. And by a buzzer system. So we weren't supposed to be in there and we stealthily escaped before anyone found us. Anticlimactic I know but it made Sister Mann feel pretty cool.
                    On Sunday we were scripture heroes again for primary. The stories weren't as cool as ones past because the primary presidency wanted to keep the theme for the month of treating your bodies as a temple and left us to find characters that lived the Word of Wisdom. All we could really come up with was Daniel (who wouldn't eat the Kings meat), Nephi and Laban (because Laban didn't obey the word of wisdom), and the Nephites that escaped by giving the Lamanite guards wine. So not really the craziest of stories. BUT we had three people we are working with to church this Sunday, two less active sisters and our investigator, Dave. This was Dave's first time at church and he told us afterwards he really enjoyed it! The Ward was super welcoming to him too so there is just general excitement all around over that.
                    We were able to teach Dave three times this week, each with members. One time we were teaching him outside because the only member we could find was a male and I'm assuming the Maine YSA came by and I got to see a member from Brewer Ward. That made my day. I don't know, other than that this week was pretty awesome. We learned that seven teaching appointments back to back means no time for a lunch break but all those appointments didn't follow through so we did get time to eat.  Hooray for Ward mission leaders who give you Jimmy Johns and eating the sandwich between appointments!
                    This week is also Zone Conference at Sister Mann's birthplace of Farmingdale so I'll get to see old friends and just be generally uplifted spiritually so prepare for fun stories (and yes, hopefully photos) from that. I love and miss you all and hope you have a great upcoming week. And to you Olympics fans: USA! USA!
Sister Wright

"What you do when your bored as a missionary at lunch. At least we now know Marvel wins and Benedict Cumberbatch is the chosen one"

"Irish dinosaur surgery. The dinosaurs arm broke and so we needed to fix it. With Irish accents (which you can't hear)"

Mom and Dad were able to go to President and Sister Stoker's Homecoming in Mesa. We loved meeting her mission president and seeing all of the returned missionaries that showed up!

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