Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Epic Adventures of Sisterman and Choose the Wright - August 15, 2016

Mom made her send a selfie because she didn't send any other pictures

                   Hello and Happy Monday Citizens of my mass email list. I trust you all had a safe and fun week. Things are going well here in the city of Saco with your friendly neighborhood Sister Missionaries. Sister Mann and I have decided we are actually super heroes, with Sister Mann and Sister Wright being our regular missionary identity. Our super hero missionary identities are really Sisterman and Choose the Wright, bringers of justice and mercy! Out saving souls, one copy of the Book of Mormon at a time. With the guidance of President B.L.A.I.R. (Acronym undecided yet) and the services of their vehicle S.A.L.L.E. (Salvation through Atoning Love and Life Eternal) which looks like your standard Toyota Corolla, nothing can stop them from sharing God's message!
                    But in all honesty, the work is picking up here since the switch. We got the Elder's old area and we're going through potentials we only had phone numbers for and called a man that looked promising. He answered, we explained who we were, and then asked if there was a time we could see him this week to share more of our message. He said sure but that later in the week wouldn't work, but he could meet that evening. We, being super sisters, said we could meet him that evening at the church because we would be there anyway for family history class and called a member to be there too. The coolest part was when we were getting to know him he asked why we called him because we had just called him after he had prayed for some sort of strength to overcome the everyday. SO COOL! We have since seen him again at the church with members but he didn't make it to church because he wasn't feeling well. But he will press forward!
                    Honestly, besides that, we continued to just missionary, well really SUPER missionary, throughout the week. We watered flowers for Heart of Biddeford for the last time this week. Sorry everyone! But the swap made this have to happen. I'll miss watering the flowers too but it will really be better for everyone. The food pantry we now serve at in Old Orchard gave us enough food to live through the apocalypse. Slight hyperbole but they honestly were so excited to give us food.
                    Saturday we had a more random adventure happen to us. So Saturday before lunch we decided to spend time in Old Orchard Beach, but the part that is all rental and beach homes, not the party-time beachy area. Because it was earlier in the day so everyone was either sleeping or at the beach, plus the overcastness, it was pretty quiet, but everyone we did catch was pretty nice. We stopped by the last name we had planned before lunch and on our way to the car we see a woman in sunglasses coming our way (I will now tell the rest of the adventure in epic superhero fashion because it's honestly that crazy): Sisterman and Choose the Wright approached the woman and asked her how she was doing. The woman than took off her sunglasses and enthusiastically responded: "IZZY?!" Perplexed by this woman's response, the super sisters assumed she didn't understand their original question and continued to greet her. After a minute she then understood we weren't the Izzy she had thought we were. This didn't deter the woman's enthusiasm and we asked her if she knew Christ. She, with the same zeal, proclaimed that she did and told us that she wasn't interested in reading the Book of Mormon, for she had tried before to read its contents but decided it was "too much paper". Still passionate about of message, however, she gave us the name and address of a nearby friend of hers and we assumed that was the end of our interaction with her. She boldly asked if we, being friends in Christ, would walk with her to her friend's place of employment who she was going to visit, so she wouldn't be lonely. Choose the Wright was leery of the request but consented, rationalizing that it was probably one of the nearby shops the sisters had just recently passed, and if things got too sketchy they could leave. The woman then guided them through a public park (which was full of tourists) down the way until they reached the busiest part of Old Orchard Beach, Old Orchard Beach Road, filled with tourist shops and restaurants to fulfill any tourist's needs like fried food and ice cream, all the while asking the girls questions about their beliefs, hopes, and dreams and asking the sisters to preach to her friend when they got there. Realizing that being ensnared in the tourist trap was almost as scary as any hole-in-the-wall this woman could have taken them, they reached the woman's friend's shop, a small T-Shirt shop off the beach. Choose the Wright had to act fast and told the shop owner (who didn't seem that close of friends with the woman) that they needed to go. The woman was disappointed but undeterred in her faith. Sure enough, the sisters were on their way back to their car, a journey that was now a lot longer considering they had just walked a mile in the opposite direction. So that was crazy weird.
                    I'll end the email this week with a crazy cool story though. So we have some members in the ward that speak mostly French, which is a language Sister Mann and I have the same level of understanding with, which is about 3%. But we were having a lesson with these members (they are sisters) and we asked them, in slow English, how having a knowledge of God being their loving Heavenly Father has blessed them. There was an awkward pause at first but then one of the sisters spoke up, sharing with us her testimony. The craziest part though was she was speaking with what I perceived no accent at all. No struggling or fumbling through the language. I don't want to assume that the gift of speaking and interpretation of tongues was there but it was by far the coolest experience because with all basic English, we were all able to discuss our Heavenly Father's love for us. And that's really what a testimony is, simple words with extraordinary feeling. It was such an experience.
                    But that was another epic week with Sisterman and Choose the Wright. I love and miss you all and hope you have an awesome upcoming week!
Sister Wright
Oh and Congratulations to my trainer, formerly Sister Banda, now
Sister Barton! I hope you enjoyed Arizoner! 

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