Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Assumption Junction - August 8, 2016

       "Serious Oreos with chopsticks"       

       Hello and Happy Monday Friends and Family! This week I am writing you from sunny Old Orchard Beach, Maine in the newly conquered Elder's apartment by Sister Wright and Sister Mann. Ok, so not necessarily conquered but we have overtaken the Elder's apartment nonetheless. And they have the Biddeford apartment so it's all fair. And as I'm sure you are all wondering, the final verdict on how they left the apartment: Eh. We left ours cleaner and with more food than they left theirs but we made do. Luckily a lot of members signed up to feed us this week and other missionaries from our district donated food to the cause so we survived. The new apartment is owned by members so we're kinda spoiled with bunk beds and our own washer and dryer. Can't really complain much.
       Today while grocery shopping we not only got sushi (Well, I did) but apparently Saco Hannaford (grocery store) has a lot more Old Orchard Beach tourists and we heard a lot of French going up and down the aisles, even at check out. #Canadaishere
       And the work is picking up for us and the elders since the switch! They already had a new investigator by Coordination Meeting on
Thursday and we inherited their investigators that we are going to try to see this week. Lots of people in Saco are responsive to us sisters so yay!
       Oh and I love my new companion Sister Mann. We don't know how, but we basically have already accepted we are best friends. It's pretty great. A little distracting because sometimes we stay up late talking about Star Wars. But fun.
       So I'll just go through what happened briefly this week. Tuesday we had transfers and I lost Sister Ritchie. She went up to Augusta and Sister Mann came down from Augusta so basically switcheroo. Because Sister Mann just came down here and the elders had to go down to Manchester we spent most of the day finding basically anywhere we felt like. One cool person we met was a woman named Sue and she mentioned she loved visiting smaller congregation churches. Lucky for her our ward is normally around 100 people so she seemed excited to visit. We followed up Saturday and she said she had to work Sunday morning but was still excited to see us! At the end of the day when the elders got back we moved. First impression: *Quote from Annie* "I think I'm gonna like it here!"
       Wednesday was District meeting, including a half hour discussion on Star Trek on the way up. After District Meeting we found out the rest of the district was doing service nearby and forgot to invite us. Luckily they let us tag along, Sister Mann and I did inside chores like during furniture, and we got Italian Subs out of it.
       Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were all pretty much the same. We hit the pavement finding and got a few return appointments set up. We also helped around during service for members and nonmembers alike. Friday we got to spend time in Old Orchard Beach and I got to show Sister Mann the Atlantic Ocean. Granted, from the car, but she still enjoyed it. It was a precious moment.
       Sunday was crazy. We went to church as usual and had a couple from the Mission Presidency, President and Sister Hawkes attend. They are super sweet. Note: President Hawkes is also a children's book author and illustrator. Second hour we taught the CTR 6-7 year olds who were honestly really good for us. From there we spent third hour making copies of coloring pages and grabbing crayons to take to a family fun festival in downtown Biddeford. We had a table, 60 coloring pages from the Friend of Christ, families, and other gospel stories, and crayons for kids to color with. We were at the both for three hours and it was honestly really effective. We invited a lot of people to church this next Sunday and handed out seven copies of the Book of Mormon. Many people liked the coloring pages and we met a lot of good people. Hooray creative finding ideas!
       Overall, we had a pretty good week. This next one is looking to be pretty great as well. I hope you all stay safe and know I love and miss you all!
Sister Wright

 "From exchanges a few weeks ago"

"Got everything I want today" (Care package from home and sushi)

"Ah the Atlantic"

"Too happy. Again, from exchanges way back when"

"From Zone PDay way back when"

"Portland Headlight"

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