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Six Months Left?! - July 18, 2016

With Captain Eli's Blueberry Pop - "Thanks for the suggestion Hardy family in Brewer"

                    Hello and happy Monday friends and family! Yes, you read that title right. I only have six months left out here in the NHMM and it's still blowing my mind. The fact I've been out a year blows my mind. For all you Asdf Movie fans, I really feel like Desmond the Moon Bear. "How did I get here?" THE END. That's really what the mission is friends. Too fast.
                    But enough about my exit able demise. I'm sure you are all wondering how this week went. I'm gonna be honest, it was just another missionary week. Unexciting to hear, I know, but I mean, I did missionary things. I invited people to learn. Watched people play Pokemon Go. Did my best to stay cool. Typical 2k16 summer missionary things. But there are some cool highlights so I'll share some of those.
                    We started off the week dropping both of our "new" investigators". They weren't really new anymore considering we hadn't seen either of them in about a month. One actually texted us to drop us so that was a hard way to start a week. But we went forward in faith that things would work out. And allowed ourselves to enjoy Zone P-Day at Portland Headlight again. After P-Day we were called by a member's husband that his wife needed a visit in the hospital so we were able to visit her right in time for her to be awake. She was so glad to see us because she appreciated the comfort. And on the way up we caught another member we work with who volunteers at the hospital! So no new investigators but we felt like we left people feeling loved.
                    Tuesday was crazy. We watered flowers for Heart of Biddeford again but besides that all our appointments (even our member dinner!) fell through so we spent a lot of time scratching our heads going "ok well". As always, it worked out, because we got to stop by a less active man and cheer him up for the day.
                    In review now I'm looking at what happened Wednesday and we yet again caught another less active member to establish contact with. I'm seeing a pattern here.
                    Thursday I got the chance to help two less active sisters with their family history on Familysearch.org which I always enjoy. I'm honestly super grateful that's an emphasis here in this mission because a lot of people want to do their family history and they don't know how or they don't want to pay. Familysearch.org is completely free and easy to use! It has literally billions of records so use it!
                    Moving on from my familysearch.org ad, Friday we do service for this sweet woman in the outskirts of Old Orchard Beach and she recently has needed help with her house work so we spend time over there helping her do little things she can't do on her own right now. While we were helping her clean her closet we found some tops she didn't want anymore but we thought were way cute and she said "Well go try them on!" So we did and a five minute fashion show later we each had a new cute top. Sweet!
                    Saturday our day started with the ward BBQ which was fun. The pool was open so we rarely saw any kids and got to spend a lot of time with adults getting to know them. We also had a pastor of a local church we do service for come to the BBQ and he said he really enjoyed it! He especially enjoyed meeting the bishop, saying "I like your pastor, he's a good guy". Haha yeah we tried to explain that he was called by revelation but we think it went over his head. Oh well.
                    Sunday was really great, as always. The Saco Squad Missionary Force did scripture heroes again (you might be thinking we do this every week but we don't. We are doing it every 3rd Sunday because of the new teachers council for Teaching the Savior's Way and they need people in primary so it will most likely be a while until you hear about scripture heroes again). This week's lineup was Alma (title role by yours truly), Alma the Younger, Job, and Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednigo. For you NHMM RM's you will giggle to know that the past three scripture hero performances, Elder J. Williams had played some form of an evil king. As in last time he was the antagonist each performance. He kinda has a reputation in primary now. I'll just let you all sit and enjoy that. But this week while he was playing Nebuchadnezzar he of course was trying to force us to worship the idol which took the form of a cell phone for junior primary but in senior primary was one girl's pink sparkly croc. That got a lot of laughs. And the kids were way too excited to throw us into the fiery furnace. But we survived, obviously.
                    Oh I also got a chance to finally see Meet the Mormons during lunch times this week. Verdict: Disappointed they didn't use that scene in Cheers when Sam is messing with Kristie Allie's character about Mormons. But the film itself was pretty great. I will admit I got emotional with the Candy Bomber and the Missionary Mom. It's pretty decent quality and is probably 8/10 for just being a good movie. Would recommend. If you haven't seen it, it is on LDS.org and the Gospel Library App so enjoy!
                    Besides that, like I prefaced, this week wasn't extraordinary. This upcoming week we have exchanges and zone interviews though so it should get pretty exciting. I love you all and pray you are all doing well! Enjoy the summer!
Sister Wright

 "Zone Coolness"

"This was at the members house that we had Fourth of July with"

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