Monday, July 4, 2016

WELCOME TO EARTH - July 4, 2016

                   "Being Festive"

                    HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY FRIENDS AND FAMILY!! It's your favorite missionary from the region of this great nation's birth, New England! I hope you all have a wonderful (and safe) Independence Day planned. I won't take up too much of your time but I hope you enjoyed the Independence Day (number 1 now, I guess) movie quote. May we all celebrate Will Smith punching aliens in the face for the world's freedom.
                    But back to missionary life, this week has been pretty great. I officially hit my year mark, quite literally walked through a pair of shoes, and just saw some pretty great times where the Lord has reached out to us so, I'll jump right in. (Oh and we aren't having Zone P-Day today because traffic around Portland and Old Orchard Beach are going to be gross so Sister Ritchie and I are taking a chill
                    This last week I think we helped about three members with their family history work which I personally always enjoy. The best was Thursday when the member had no idea who her grandparents were on either side because her parents never spoke about them but I was able to show her how simple it was to search sources on and we found her grandparents in less than 5 minutes! She was way exited! We were excited to because these are just some more ancestors she can take to the temple to be united with for eternity! So she is getting pretty far along towards getting to the temple, or at least feeling more like she needs to go there. AND we met someone who let us into her home because we asked if she did her genealogy and she said yes! So we have a potential new investigator to teach because of Family History!
                    Speaking of skills, so Sister Ritchie and I felt like we needed to go visit a recent convert in our area which seems pretty easy but the catch is she is still learning English and her family predominately speaks French. So we don't know her schedule so we decided to stop by and of course we got a French speaker. I was able (quite miraculously) understand most of what she was telling us because I with my broken French asked if she as home. My pronunciation was way off and luckily she knew a little English so we mostly spoke in broken Fran-glish but I was able to do pretty well for a five minute stop and find.
                    Wednesday evening we knew the Elders were in our area to help a member move and we were going to be in their area to have dinner with a member. So when the moving member called we were worried something happened or someone needed help but instead he asked if we wanted any of his left over food he couldn't take on the move, including things like a gallon of milk, tons of cheese, and cereal. Being basically poor college students we said "SURE" and went over. So we got a lot of free food, which, if you know me, is a blessing.
                     We helped in Primary again at church on Sunday. We did scripture heroes again and us 
missionaries acted out David, Esther, Daniel, Joseph of Egypt, and Moses. I chose Joseph of Egypt and 
brought a "multicolor" coat as a prop. The kids (and the teachers) loved it. 
                    Besides that this week we missionaried a lot. I hit my year mark Friday which still really blows my mind. I keep reading my study and personal journals from last year and think "That wasn't a year ago! That was like a week ago". I've grown a lot and learned a lot and really wouldn't change my mission for the world. Summer is a rough time as a missionary but I know this is where and when the Lord wants me to be here.
                    May we all have an awesome 240th birthday party for the US! I love and miss you all!

Sister Wright 

"Happy Fourth"

"Raising my step baby right"

"So this happened. Maybe I HAVE been out a year"

"Chicken fingers in my waffle maker grilled cheese. Because I'm worth it"

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