Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Basically Italy - September 20, 2016

"New District" Aren't they all so cute?

                   Hello and Happy TUESDAY friends and family. I trust you missed me on your regularly programmed Missionary Monday lists but yesterday we had a [half] mission conference with guest stars Elder De Feo and Elder and Sister Bennett of the Quorum of the 70. Elder De Feo is cool because he is the first general authority called from Italy (hence the email title because I literally couldn't think of anything cooler than the fact we had an authority from Italy this week so ta da) and Elder and Sister Bennett served as mission president of the Russia Samara mission so got some cool stories from that. And good spiritual direction. Hopefully I can take all that I've learned and apply it for the next LESS THAN FOUR MONTHS WOW OW OK WHATEVER. Just realized that now. MOVING ON.
                    So on the sad news train we got a call from Dave yesterday telling us he wanted to take some time from learning and going to church for a bit which kinda hurt, especially since we had just had training from Elder Bennett on how to better help our investigators come closer to Christ. I also made this deal with him that I would quit drinking soda if he would quit drinking coffee. And I haven't broken that promise, even when I had an opportunity to have a free soda Saturday! But we respect his agency and agreed to let him have his space and we are hoping he'll recognize that he feels better when he does keep him commitments so it will work out. We have another investigator named Mark that has a baptismal date set for October so we will just continue to pray things go smoothly with him. Just thought I would give everyone an update on the teaching pool.
                    We will also get a special segment on cool food I had this week because we all know Sister Wright loves food. So this week we had lunch with a member who grew up in Japan and made us a Japanese (with a Chinese twist as she said) dish of ramen noodles (not the gross cheap college kind, like actual curly thin noodles) with scrambled egg, ham, and cucumber. We also had to eat it with chopsticks which I did surprisingly well at. Probably the healthiest, nicest lunch I've had on my mission to be honest. Another cool food I had was while we were helping at an antique car show we were helping serve food and one dish was spanakopita from a local Greek place. Just an FYI, spanakopita is delicious. Would recommend. Can't lose with spinach and cheese friends.
                    Compared to the weekend, the week was pretty boring. Saturday we helped at an antique car show as I had afore mentioned. It was good but we just served food to people. Probably not the best use of service time because we didn't get to talk much about the gospel. But Saturday evening we went to the adult session of Augusta Stake Conference. That and Sunday Morning really felt like a gathering of the saints. And we got to hear from Elder De Feo and his experiences! Sunday morning he focused on the account of Jarius in the New Testament and while on the way to his daughter the Savior stopped to help the woman with the issue of blood. I liked his point that if he was Jarius he would be somewhat frustrated seeing Jesus stop to help someone while he clearly NEEDED his daughter to be healed. It shows me that we shouldn't see other people blessed while we are reaching out for help as a sign of Him not caring because he does care, we just need to wait our turn. Because He does care. He cares about all of us.
                    Besides that we have really just missionaried here in Saco and it's going pretty well. I hope you all have a good upcoming week and know I love and miss you all!
Sister Wright

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