Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Now Departing the Struggle Train - September 12, 2016

              "You know me and kitties"       

                 Hello and Happy Monday friends and family! I hope you all had a fun week because we sure did. As always, it had its ups and downs and quite frankly I don't know how I got here but here we are again on a sunny Monday, writing you from Maine, and telling you the wonderful tales of the Super Saco Sisters. In all honesty we had some of the coolest adventures this week, mostly with a quest down to Kennebunkport with Buffles and her daughter on Friday. But that doesn't scratch the surface of the excitement because Sister Mann and I are staying together six more weeks! There, I said it! I was actually going to make you all wait until the end of the letter to hear transfer news but nope, the Super Saco Sisters are taking on Old Orchard Beach and the beginning of autumn for six more weeks. I honestly can't explain how pumped I am. This is my first and only four transfer/six month area and I really couldn't be more blessed. I have seen how a lot of my time in my other areas have prepared me for my time in Saco and having the most super missionary as a companion is another huge blessing so I really am so excited for the next six weeks, which include: General Conference (MY LAST ONE AS A MISSIONARY AH), Stake Conference, following Stake Conference next Monday Zone Conference with a 70, Interviews with the President, and potentially/obviously a baptism! So go Saco Squad! But as far as the email title goes, we in the WinCo district (Windham, Cornish, and Saco) are losing a bunch of the original what we call "The WinCo Struggle Train" passengers, so I wanted to give them a shout out. We will miss you all!
                    As far as the week went, we had a lot of appointments that fell through which was lame. But we found people that we at least gave some materials to so no effort wasted. Monday was mostly finding after P-Day. Tuesday we had set up a lunch with a member who moved here from the Philippines. She is an RM and a really great cook. And when she makes a meal, she really makes A MEAL. So Sister Mann and I in the moment enjoyed the wontons, stir fry, and rice she made for us. But it was only us two and she and she didn't want leftovers.... So we ate some more.... And more... Until we inevitably regretted setting up that lunch but the food WAS SO GOOD. And now she and her husband are called as ward missionaries so guess who we will be working even more closely with! Woo, more wontons!
                    We saw Dave three times this week. He is doing really well trying to find his answer that the church is true but doesn't want to read the Book of Mormon with us and he accidentally slept through church yesterday. He felt so bad! Besides that he really likes what he's learning and even wants to come to Stake conference this weekend which we are sure he will enjoy.
                    Wednesday was, as I said, saying good bye to my favorite district ever which was hard. Gotta love those missionaries. But they are going on to great things so no tears! Thursday we had lunch with the newly called Relief Society president. She is a nurse so working with her is a lot like working with my mom. After lunch and the meeting Sister Mann also commented on how well I work with ward leaders. That was a huge compliment to me because I love working with ward leaders and feel it's a great skill we need to have as missionaries. Thanks Preach My Gospel Chapter 13! We also went visiting teaching/delivering cookies with the Primary President so ward counsel points to the Sister Missionaries.
                    Friday we went to Kennebunkport! Like for reals Kennebunkport! In retrospect it was probably a better P-Day activity than a lunch trip for a crab cake sandwich on the ocean with a 107 year old on a Friday but we had fun so.....  We got to see the President's House and St. Anne's Cathedral from the car. And the Wedding Cake House. If none of these things mean anything to you, Google their back stories because they are pretty rad. And the crab cake sandwich was good. Sister Mann got the closest she had ever been to the Atlantic which was fun and she got some shells. So that was a fun trip.
                    Saturday we started off the day with an investigator canceling on us half an hour before we went over which was sad. But really when it's transfer call/The BYU v. U of U game day you realize you should get the bad stuff out of the way at the beginning of the day so things did pick up. We ended the day with five total lessons and the news we were staying together. Blessings!
                    Yesterday we went to church and while Dave wasn't there we had 4 less active members come to sacrament meeting, which was awesome considering we had only remembered to invite one of them this week. So we were happy. And today we already had a fantastic P-Day and spent over an hour writing a definite outline of Harry Potter and barely made it through the first book. There's apparently a lot of Harry Potter before Harry himself is even a thing. We realized most of the teachers aren't necessarily integral to the plot as a whole which was disappointing. Anyway, I hope you all have a good upcoming week! I
Love and miss you and enjoy September!

Sister Wright 

"Why is Elder Dortch eating corn? We will never know"

"Don't talk about the corn"

"Coolest District ever"

"Silly District"

"The ocean from St. Anne's"

"St. Anne's cathedral, where the Bush's worship when they are up here"

"The Bush House (also known as the President's house)"   

"The Wedding Cake House"

"Rich people boats"

"First ocean sighting from the van"


"I was just so pumped to see that water"

"Sister Mann hunts seashells by the seashore"

"Sister Mann shell hunting"

"The ocean!"

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