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Wait, it's September? - September 5, 2016

                  "Us and the Yarmouth Sisters"            

                   Hello and Happy Monday Friends and Family. It is I, Sister Wright, your favorite missionary serving in the wild expanses of Northern New England, specifically Saco, ME and Old Orchard Beach. We heard more French today at the grocery store and are basically staying inside on this beautiful Labor Day holiday because we live in a tourist beach town so there is really nothing fun for a missionary to do besides wait for next week when they all leave and then see the beach. But Sister Mann and I are still having fun. We had grilled rosemary potatoes for lunch, rosemary and potatoes grown in our old landlord's garden. That's something I realized today: If you want to really New England, you will have a garden and this week is the week to harvest and eat all your garden goods. We have homegrown beets (no idea what to do with those), baby tomatoes, mint, and purple + green beans.
                    Yesterday at a spontaneous member dinner the family had a soup with all the ingredients coming from their garden. On exchange we helped a lady in her MASSIVE garden and ended up with fresh chives. Anyway, enough about gardens, let's talk about this week!
                    Monday we got to see the Blairs. I got to have a good chat with both of them but particularly Sister Blair. She's hilarious. That's all I can really say.
                    Tuesday we were doing our usual finding adventures in Old Orchard Beach while on our way to our car we saw the Old Orchard Beach museum by the Old Orchard Beach Historical Society. A member had recommended we stop by to ask if we could help them with any service and after finding out from the President that they didn't really need us she somehow ended up giving us a tour of the "fire room", honoring all the fires that have affected Old Orchard Beach. That was fun. We also handed out two copies of the Book of Mormon in that time. Not at the museum but on the street so. Woo.
                    Throughout this week we got a chance to see Dave our progressing investigator. By all "technical" standards he isn't progressing because he couldn’t come to church yesterday but he has the most sincere desire of anyone I've ever taught. He really wants to find the answer to the church being true and is praying about it. He texted us his testimony yesterday and doing really all he can. Seriously, Sister Mann and I can't wait to see him be baptized. Eventually.
                    Wednesday besides District Meeting in Windham we had this really cool miracle where we stopped by a less active member way out where on our way back to Saco and she said she'd love to have us over to teach her daughter. The only problem is she lives way out where and we don't really have miles to teach her that often so we walked away excited but frustrated. Later that evening though we had dinner with a member family and Sister Mann and I are making an effort to help the Relief Society with their visiting teaching (QUICK SIDE NOTE: Yesterday they changed the entire Saco Ward Relief Society Presidency. Are you serious?? This is the THIRD TIME in the FOUR AREAS I have been in. Note to future area Relief Society Presidency: I'm sorry if you like your calling but I'm coming...) and asked the mom who she sees. Lo and behold she is in charge of visiting that same sister we saw earlier and is available the times we wanted to see the daughter! So once we get things set up we will have rides to get to way out where. Awesome blessings!
                    Thursday was mostly finding. Friday we spent a lot of the day with a member (Buffles' (the 107 year old member) daughter) who not only drove and came with us for a lesson, but also got us lunch at KFC/Taco Bell (Buffles favorite fast food is Taco Bell Chalupas). She is so totally awesome and hilarious and we made plans to go to Kennebunkport for lunch next week with her and Buffles so pray that follows through. Friday night (I drove on a freeway/toll road at night. YELP) to Saturday evening we were on exchange with the Yarmouth sisters. Sister Rogerson and I were temporary companions again and had a lot of fun.
                    We spent most of the morning helping in a woman's giant garden, pulling weeds and clearing things out for actual plants to grow. A huge spider with an egg sack hung off the lady at one point and I really wanted to kill it but she wouldn't let us. Ew. When it was just Sister Rogerson and I, some quotes to highlight include "I forgot to grab a leaf because I was too busy worrying about my chives". We mostly were freaking out because some leaves think it's cool to change color like fall is coming upon us. Whatever. We aren't leaving anytime soon. Nope.
                    Yesterday we had many cool experiences, notably the spontaneous dinner with members and the vegetables from our old landlord's garden. Who doesn't love fresh food, especially when you're a missionary on a fixed budget.
                    So in synopsis this week was pretty grand. Sister Mann and I are having a lot of fun and are averaging about one nonmember lesson a day. We are so grateful to be here in this area. Everyone pray I go one more transfer strong here!

Sister Wright 
"Exchanges with Sister Rogerson again"  

"Leaves that think it's cool to change colors"

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