Monday, September 26, 2016

Oh Mann, You're Wright - September 26, 2016

Priscilla didn't send any pictures this week, only this video. Mom grabbed a screen shot at least. She said, "This is all I got this week. In my defense, it was a short week."

                   Hello and Happy Monday again Friends and Family. Our mass email title this week comes from what I daydream someone sometime within the next four weeks will say to Sister Mann and me. Because our lives have been founded on the puns born from our last names. But we continue to missionary here in Saco. And quite honestly since I wrote just last Tuesday I do not really feel like much has happened these last six days. We taught as often as we could, Fall/Autumn has begun (and won't let us forget it. Seriously, it's set to be in the 60s all week and Sister Mann is already cold. We are doomed), and had the General Women's Session of General Conference which was really great! Seriously, so much revelation from that meeting. As always, President Uchtdorf's address was stellar and has made my life. Now who doesn't want to go to the fourth floor, last door? But that was Saturday, I'll try to share some experiences we have had since then.
                    Because of the training Elder Bennett gave last week at mission conference we are working hard on helping our investigators through daily contact. So Sister Mann and I (after hearing one of our members stopped by this investigator because we accidentally forgot to tell them the appointment had canceled.... Whoops... But apparently had a great time just socializing on the investigator's porch so fellowshipping points to them) stopped by Mark's (our investigator with a baptismal date and still wanting to have his family learn with him) and we use followed up on the commitments we extended to him and one of his daughters ended up offering some corn chowder she had made because it was supper time. I said sure and Sister Mann said she had never had chowder before so the experience seemed that much more exciting.... Until we realized chowder was made with cream.... And
Sister Mann is dairy intolerant... Needless to say I felt like a horrible senior companion after the fifth bite and we realized this. She powered through it though because she's a super hero. Mann, the things we do for investigators.
                    As for an update on Dave we saw/taught him Saturday. He's still not dropped because he still wants to learn but he doesn't want to feel rushed. He also said baptism is a goal of his, he just doesn't feel ready for it now. Oh well. We are giving him another weeks break which hopefully will help him.
                    The coolest things this week really mostly happened with less active sisters. Two of them came Saturday night to the dinner and broadcast put on the Relief Society and the sisters did a great job including them. Sister Mann and I ended up helping the primary president put together general conference packets to give the kids the next day. It was a mess because we were running out of papers for copies and we realized the packet was made for April 2014 conference... So there were Easter eggs and three different apostles then there are now... The Easter eggs became pumpkins and the apostles magically turned into the new ones so it all worked out. It was just probably the most hilarious packet producing part ever.
                    AND AND AND another less active sister who is now actively attending her church meetings and preparing to do baptisms for her family members meetings not only has found housing within the ward boundaries but just received a calling!!! We are all so excited so good things are really happening out here.
                    Well I hope you all are as excited for general conference as we are! I can't believe this is my last one on the mission. I've been studying the talks given this April and even reviewed the questions I brought to conference a year ago and I'm truly in awe of the things I have learned over the past year. I am so excited for autumn (even though the colors won't be the same as they were last year because of the drought), the next 15 weeks, and just being in Maine. As of next week I will have been in Vacationland for a year and I really wouldn't want to be anywhere else. The gospel is great, am I Wright?
Love and miss you all and enjoy conference!

Sister Wright 

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