Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Literally Maytember - October 3, 2016

"This is the best we could do. Because of the drought, the leaves are taking forever to change this year."

                    Hello and Happy Monday friends and family! I don't know if I had said this already but I realized a while back I will have been in Saco from May to September PLUS so in Studio C terms, I've been in Saco for Maytember. Not very clever, I know, but that is ok. I say these things mostly to avoid the fact that I hit my 15 month mark Saturday and had my last General Conference as a missionary. How did that happen?? I swear, the first six months took a seemingly long time, the middle six zoomed by, and I don't even know how it became October 3rd already! But we press on like a lot of the general authorities talked about this weekend. Sister Mann and I had a great time this week (AND WEEKEND) so I better get to telling you about it.
                    Last Monday we honestly didn't do anything really exciting. But we had dinner with members which to me is always a blessing. Today we are going to go through all our winter and summer stuff. Because it has been so cold this week (going down to the 50s and 60s which after surviving last winter I assumed I had become acclimated to) we decided we needed to break out the winter wardrobe and for your friendly neighborhood Sister Wright that means she can starting sending home her summer clothes. I literally have no idea how I got here BUT I DIGRESS.
                    Tuesday we had the really cool opportunity to find a new investigator. We were looking for someone in a neighborhood and the current resident had told us the person we were looking for had moved. Luckily that guy was pretty nice and took a Book of Mormon. As we were walking back though I bravely asked a mom we were passing by if her son wanted a sticker. She enthusiastically said sure and noticed I was giving him a "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam" sticker and commented on how that is a lot of Jesus love. From there we explained who we were and she asked "Is it true Mormons give copies of the Book of Mormon for free?" So for Sister Mann and I we really feel like we hit the jackpot with her because she is so open and she even said "You know, I always see missionaries but I've never talked to them before. I'm glad you came and talked to me." Something I've been working on my entire mission is talking with everyone and I gained a testimony of its importance with her. It's not like most of my mission I haven't WANTED to talk to everyone, I just have been struggling to overcome that initial boundary of just TALKING to them because people are strangers and we are taught as children NOT to talk to them. But because for once I spoke up, even about a sticker, we have invited someone to learn about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and seen her twice to help her come closer to Him. So thanks missionary motivation.
                    This week we also met a man from England who spends his mornings playing pickleball. #ThanksFinding
                    As I'm sure some of you are wondering we saw Dave again once this week. He wasn't able to watch the broadcast of General Conference but he texted us this morning saying he wanted to see us again this week so we assume the break he was taking is over. Thanks for your continued prayers for him!
                    The only other thing (besides the fact I have had sushi and Japanese dumplings or gyoza TWICE this week. Go food!) I would like to focus on this week was General Conference. I know I'm not alone when I say all the sessions of General Conference were fantastic and I really wish we could have it more often. But then it wouldn't be as much of a treat. Since I've started my mission I made a notebook with the questions I would want answered by the general authorities and of course I did that again this conference. What was awesome was within the first few talks a lot of my questions were answered and they continued to be answered as the conference went on. It was a huge testimony builder to me because I felt and later knew that God does hear and answer our prayers and by that extent He does answer our questions because He loves us! Why wouldn't He answer our questions? That's where the Restoration started, is with a question, and I am grateful to live in a time of modern prophets.
                    Well, I just want to say thanks to everyone for their love and support and I hope we all take what we learned from General Conference and apply it to our lives! I love and miss you all!
Sister Wright 
 "Fantasy Conference! I didn't do too bad"

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