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Blitz and Splits - October 10, 2016

                  She didn't send a picture of herself AGAIN, but I grabbed this screenshot of the video she sent

                   Hello and Happy Monday again friends and family! Weren't we just here talking about my adventures last week at the beginning of October? I feel like we were because honestly the weeks are going by too dang fast. And nothing too exciting has been happening this week so I really feel like anything I write won't be that exciting to hear about. But as always I will do my best at storytelling the lives of the Saco Sisters:
                    Remember last week when a mom asked if we just handed out free copies of the Book of Mormon? Well 1. We are teaching her and she is super great and 2. We ran into someone else (actually, the British guy who plays pickleball) and HE asked how much a copy of the Book of Mormon would be. Needless to say we were excited he asked one of those questions every missionary loves to hear and gave him his very own copy of the Book of Mormon. As a necessary missionary side note, upon reflecting on this last general conference so many speakers spoke on the importance of the Book of Mormon in our conversion to Christ. I love having the opportunity to share the Book of Mormon as another testimony of Jesus Christ to bless peoples' lives as I know its blessed mine. Also just being able to correct any misunderstandings of the Book is another cool opportunity as well.
                    Besides that the rest of this week was a lot of finding out who in our teaching pool is still interested. The "pool cleaning" has been rough in some ways because we lost a lot of people but we figured out who is still willing to come closer to Christ. Dave apparently had a really strong spiritual feeling one morning that he really needed to consider baptism so we were able to discuss a lot of his concerns with that. No baptismal date yet but he is asking all the right questions! Our other investigator with a baptismal date had to drop it though because he hasn't been to church yet. In his defense, we haven't had normal church in a while due to conferences so he will get there.
                    Saturday we had a zone blitz in Portland. It was an experiment the Zone Leaders put on where we were out for two hours in a particular part of Portland (I covered South Portland near the Portland
Headlight) with a temporary companion (so I was with Sister Lescarbou) and basically find as many people as we could. Some companionships had cool experiences like inviting people to baptism (by which the person expected to be baptized next week. Not how it works but still cool) and men decorating their houses for Halloween. I was able to go find a bit by a beach and learn some Maine and WWII history as I looked at the Atlantic directly at Peaks Island, between Portland Headlight and Bug Light from a couple. Neither were particularly interested in learning more but were really fun to talk to. We also met a couple in their backyard by the fireplace who invited us to sit and talk with them. They apparently had seen missionaries in the past and we were the first ones they ever asked how we even became missionaries. So overall the blitz was a cool experience. Sister Mann got to go on a social media split with the Portland members and she seemingly had a lot of fun.
                    Yesterday, I'm assuming due to Hurricane Matthew, we had a lot of rain. I remember my trainer saying that when you’re out in the rain people take pity on you but not ever feeling like that was actually real. Well yesterday I did and people were all really nice, even if they weren't interested in a lesson right then. And we had a lot of visitors for the weekend, some even from Hawaii, doing their genealogy work out here. So cool!
                    Besides that, I've been reviewing general conference (yes, already) and I feel like I neglected last week to write about my favorite (and yes, biased) talks: Elder Oaks and Elder Anderson. Both were focused on missionary work and I feel like it was a continued theme throughout the conference as we discussed the blessings of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that the truth is restored on the earth and the best way to pay it forward is to share it with someone else. Something I know we forget is that there is "no correlation between the depth of a relationship and the probability that a person will be interested in learning about the gospel." We send missionaries out to talk to strangers and that those strangers will want to hear from them. Why doesn't the same apply to us as normal people? It’s an awesome concept that I'm glad Elder Oaks discussed. I would highly recommend reviewing his and all other talks given! I love you all and hope you have an awesome week!
Sister Wright

 "These are brown and orange"

"In the car"

"As Sister Mann says, in the cah"

"By the church"

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