Wednesday, October 19, 2016

"I AM THE LAST ______" - October 17, 2016

"Selfie because we forgot to take photos during the week and you wanted to see my face"

                    Hello Friends and Family and Happy Mission Monday! I hope you all have had a great week. Sister Mann and I have been enjoying this autumn weather with the leaves changing. We have been collecting leaves and keeping them flat in a book. What was cool was during zone interviews during the meeting Sister Blair had her own collection of leaves and used them as an analogy for our change during the mission. We all change but we don't all change into the same thing nor do we change at the same pace. We are all beautiful because we chose to change. Take those thoughts and ponder them in your mind and expound on them in regards to the Plan of Salvation and the Savior's Atonement. The mission is cool stuff!
                    Before I get into the cool missionary moments this week, a "fun" experience Sister Mann and I had last night was ten minutes before bed we were quietly getting ready when we hear this relatively loud buzzing and then it suddenly stop. We look up and there is this huge gross beetle crawling around our bathroom door frame and we had a minor freak out followed by catching the unwanted visitor in a tissue, running down the stairs in our slippers, throwing him (tissue and all) out the front door, and proceeding to take five minutes to make sure all the window were ENTIRELY closed. Luckily earlier in the day the landlord had mentioned the window that had our AC unit might not have been entirely shut so after that critter made himself welcome we made sure those windows were SHUT. We also had to squish two spiders during the bug eviction process but I digress. This has been story time with the awko taco Saco sisters.
                    We had a pretty good week with being able catch people which you think wouldn't be that difficult. Sometimes it is but not this week. We had appointments set with the mom I shared that I found by offering her son a sticker but they fell through either on her or our ends which was sad. We weren't able to meet with Dave but we are still in contact with him! And another investigator who had a baptismal date was supposed to come to church yesterday because we were having a linger longer after for Ward Conference but he didn't come. Oh well, there is always next week. We did have a really solid lesson with him where we asked what he expected to get out of the rest of the lessons and he testified that everything we have taught him has just felt right and that God hasn't told him it is wrong. So he will be baptized, we just need to get his family to join him!
                    One cool way we caught someone was we went by a less active's to see if she was home and she wasn't... but she pulled up when we turned around to leave and we were able to help her bring in groceries. Those little moments when you realize you are being truly led by the spirit always makes me happy. Besides that things have been a little more slow with the work this week but that is ok because the people we are working with are really great. I am just always in awe to have found so many people just in the last two transfers here in actual Saco and It’s all thanks to my awesome companion who has taught me so much about talking to everyone about the restored gospel. Ten points to Sister Mann!
                    Yesterday was Ward Conference for the Saco ward and Sister Mann had the cool opportunity to see some members from the Farmingdale ward. We also said our final goodbyes to Buffles (107-year old member) and her daughter before they head down to Florida for the winter. And had scripture hero time in primary again! Since the month's theme for primary was prayer we acted out some favorite scenes of prayer. The junior primary made some pretty valiant guesses at all the heroes being Nephi. Not a bad guess in all honesty but they really excited when I finally did act out Nephi. Sister Mann got to be her hero, Captian Moroni. When we got to hang out with the adults we focused a lot on the Sabbath day and why it's important. I really liked the discussion of the importance of the Sabbath but, again, we got to hang out with the primary.
                    Besides that I truly have no idea what this next week will bring with transfers. I really don't want it to be my last transfer in Saco or with Sister Mann but we will see. I hope you all have a good week and stay safe!
Sister Wright 

"Introducing Carlotta and Bradley. Carlotta is obviously special"

"Cool tree courtesy Sister Mann"

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